Dog Hair Dryer Reviews: Best Products of 2019

The best dog hair dryer is going to do so much more than just dry your dog. Apart from maintaining its hygiene, your dog will smell not only fresh but also clean after a fun bath. However, there are crucial factors that need to be considered before you invest in a high-quality dog hair dryer because there are so many different types of hair dryers on the market from different manufacturers with different settings and functionalities. Eventually you will also need a pet hair vacuum cleaner to remove scattered hair around.

With that said, the health and cleanliness of a dog are of great importance to any dog owner. Some of the basic tasks that are required to maintain the hygiene of your dog include brushing, bathing, and drying. Whereas certain grooming may require the input of a professional groomer including a nice pet grooming table, most dogs can be comfortably cleaned by their owners. Dogs like German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, and Rottweilers are easy to groom. As a groomer, it is therefore important to ensure you have the right equipment to handle your grooming needs.

One such equipment is a dog hair dryer which helps in speeding up the drying process after the dog has been washed. Most dog dryers have a powerful motor to ensure efficiency because pets are active and they like to move a lot, therefore, the quicker the drying, the better for your dog. This guide will help you select the best dog hair dryer on the market that meets your dog’s grooming needs and there could be few other grooming objects you as a pet owner may consider such as buying a pet hair clipper. In the first part of the guide, the focus will be on the benefits of acquiring a hair dryer for your dog and the reasons why you should get one. However, we will start by reviewing the best dog hair dryers.

Dog and Cat Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer and Blower

This fantastic hair dryer and blower measures 14L X 6.5W X 8H inches and features a single but highly capable motor that produces 2400W. This is an amazing pet hair dryer that is designed for proper and efficient grooming of pets. It comes with an adjustable wind speed control system which ensures powerful and effective air blow. Moreover, it features two adjustable temperature controls and comes with a low noise technology for solid performance. Therefore, you can rest assure that you will be able to use the dryer anytime of the day.

The design and construction of this unit ensure large volume of air for quick drying and all these features allow for a quick and efficient pet grooming. The product comes with a built-in FM circuit board, three nozzles, one hose and two filters. It is worthy of note that the product is durable, easy to set up and easy to use. The product does not utilize much energy and is, therefore, eco-friendly for the environment. The best thing is that this unit can be used for both small and large cats and dogs. When it comes grooming your pet you would find undesired hair left over and wanting them to be cleaned could be tedious task until you buy a good vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

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Free Paws High-Power Stepless Adjustable Speed Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

Our next pick features a dimension of 16.9 X 10.6 X 10.6 inches and comes with one flexible hose and four nozzles along with a steel comb. In addition to these, the product has a heat insulation design which ensures that it won’t become dangerously hot as a result of being used for a long period of time. The product comes with a CE safety certification which guarantees its durability and its performance. Furthermore, it comes with 3-noise elimination covers and a noise assimilation sponge which ensures that it has a quiet operation. The product also comes with a full filter which filters out vapour, pet hair and dust. However, for effectively erasing the pet hair a vacuum cleaner would be good choice to go with.

Furthermore, it comes with a UL standard power cord and 7-finger nozzle for improved performance. This 7-finger nozzle feature guarantees that you will be able to use it for double coats pets and large breeds. Aside from the 7-finger nozzle, the product comes with three other nozzles among which includes a wide slot nozzle, a standard slot nozzle and a cylindrical nozzle. While the wide slot nozzle is designed for large dogs, the standard slot nozzle is designed for medium sized dogs. The different varieties of nozzles make this pet hair dryer a very efficient and capable unit. The product features an adjustable airflow speed control mechanism which guarantees that the product is highly versatile. Moreover, it comes with a temperature adjusting mechanism which allows the user to choose the best out of multiple temperature settings for optimal performance. On top of that, the product comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Amzdeal Dog Hair Dryer and Cat Grooming Dryer

Next up is a fantastic product that is capable of drying the excess water off dogs and cats after shower. It comes with a hose, one flat shaped nozzle, brush nozzle, and a user manual. Additionally, it features a noise reduction technology which ensures that it can be used at anytime of the day. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable wind control mechanism for added convenience. There is also a temperature control mechanism that offers two different temperature settings that include a warm temperature setting and a hot temperature setting. These dual temperature settings ensure that you can use the dryer any time during the year because the warm temperature setting is ideal during warm weather and the hot temperature settings is perfect in cold weather. You may consider pet hair rollers as a part of pet grooming as a complete package.

In addition to these features, the product comes with four different types of nozzles to satisfy a variety of drying demands. Furthermore, the four nozzle choices are perfect for drying all parts of your pet’s body. The product comes with an ergonomic design and construction which makes it easy to handle and use. Additionally, it comes with a heat insulation construction which prevents your hand from being hurt because of a long and protracted use. The pet hair dryer comes with rubberized feet which holds it steady while in use. The best thing about this product is that it doesn’t only dry pet hair, it produces an intense hair volume depending on the setting you choose which also helps blow out dirt off pets. One of the most remarkable benefits of this product is that it is easy to set up and use. It comes with a tell-all user manual which contains easy to understand instructions.

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Shelandy 3.2 HP Stepless Adjustable Speed Hair Force Dryer

Our next item is the 11 pound, 3.2 HP Shelandy pet hair dryer and this is good pet hair grooming product equipped with a powerful and stable motor which produces 2400W. Moreover, the product features an adjustable wind speed control mechanism that provides variable airflow. In addition, the product offers two temperature options for added comfort. Furthermore, the product comes with a long spring hose that is 65 inches long four different nozzles to fit a variety of pet sizes.

The product comes with an insulation protector which ensures that it does not overheat due to long use. The product features a noise reduction technology which ensures that it can be used at anytime of the day. There is also a flexible easy-to-use and long hose included. Moreover, it supports 110V/120V which guarantees that it can be used in virtually all countries of the world. The item comes with a 1-year warranty.

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Andis Gentle Dry 650 Low Watt Pet Dryer Durable

Andis is recognized to be one of the leading brands of dog hair dryers across the globe and this popular ceramic or ionic pet dryer delivers a powerful 1875 watts for efficient pet drying. This product has earned a high reputation for its whisper-quiet operation that allows you to adjust both the heat and air settings easily. Additionally, this unit features a removable filter for air intake which is extremely helpful for easier and hassle-free cleaning. It also features a ceramic even-heat technology that was designed to seal moisture and preserve natural oils. That way, your pet will smell fresh and clean after a powerful but quiet drying process.

It is possible to adjust the stand in accordance with the size of the dog. You may use the  hair dryer without or with the adjustable stand. It comes with 2 different airflow settings that offer powerful blowing for medium to long hair.On the other hand, if you wish to use lower setting, this dryer is ideal to add curl and wave with the help of a brush. If you are searching for a portable blow dryer for your dog, then you should seriously consider investing in this product.

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2HP Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer

This is one of the well-renowned dog hair dryers that features an adjustable heat temperature, 4different nozzles and is CE approved. The 7 finger nozzle is considered to be one of the top features of this dog hair dryer. If your pup is of the large breed, you can use the nozzle and easily remove the thick shedding hair from the coats. On the other hand, if your pet is small, try using this nozzle by putting 2 or 3 fingers on them because he/she may be scared of the force of air.For efficient top-coat drying, it is recommended that you use the Swide lot Nozzle. Once you are done with the top-coat, the best solution is to focus on the undercoat in order to get the most out of the drying process and avoid skin issues.

In warm summer days, it is recommended that you keep the heat functions off. The motor emits heat during operation and therefore, blows warm air during the drying process. However, during cold winter days, it is ideal to utilize the Cylindrical nozzle for keeping the airflow warm and comfortable for your pet.

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Belinde Hair Dryer for Pet

Belinde is one of the leading pet grooming supply vendors and they are motivated to develop products that ensure both hygiene and health of our furry friends including such as pet hair clippers and pet hair rollers. It goes without saying that hygiene is one of the crucial factors of keeping your pet healthy and clean. Therefore, if you are looking for an efficient and budget-friendly pet hair dryer, you should check out the Belinde. Pet hair dryers are similar to the ones that we humans use, but pet hair dryers are bigger and have the capability of producing stronger airflow in comparison to the dryers that we use for ourselves.

Although this dryer is extremely powerful, it features the so-called whisper-quiet technology that ensures low noise during operation. Additionally, this product features 4 nozzles and a spring hose.Having different nozzles to choose from is extremely handy because you can use them to create varied shapes for your pet and you will see better results if you pick a nozzle that fits the fur of your pet.Moreover, there are two temperature options to pick from and with adjustable airflow settings, you can enjoy powerful performance that gets your pet dried in no time at all.

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PawBest 2 Speed Adjustable Heat Pet Grooming Force HairDryer

Our next unit is an excellent choice if you are looking for a professional grooming table for your pet to rest on while drying pet hair. The powerful airflow is considered to be one of the top features of this hair dryer and with plenty of airflow, the grooming process will be done and dusted very quickly. It comes with 2 adjustable temperature controls, 2 adjustable speed levels along with the advanced technology for low noise.

The unit happens to be puncture resistance and is equipped with a double reinforced flexible hose for effective grooming. This dryer is considered to be an ideal option for consistent heat output and good hair volume. One of the prominent reasons why people love this product is its speed. If you are dealing with long-haired dog, you will be capable of drying the dog in less than 10 minutes. Having said that, if you are looking for a high-quality dog hair dryer to dry the furs of your pet within a small duration of time, this is the perfect product for you.

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Dog Dryer Buying Guide

Now that we have gone over the dog hair dryer top list, it is ideal to jump into the buying guide. Below you will find all the information you need in order to make an informed buying decision that ensures that you end up with a top rated dog hair dryer. Now we will turn our focus on the reason why you should invest in a dog hair dryer, different types of dig hair dryers, their benefits and special features. Browse through the section below and see if you can narrow your buying options down to the very best unit that fits your needs.

Why You Should Invest in a Dog Hair Dryer

Many people have attempted to use ordinary hair dryers that are meant for humans use on their dogs. As much as this may work for some people, it is generally a bad idea to use a human hair dryer. The hair dryers meant for the dogs have been specifically designed to handle different tasks for different dogs. One of the reasons you should choose a dog hair dryer is that human hair dryers tend to get too hot for the dogs to handle. They can even cause burns on their skin which can lead to new problems for your dog. This will also cause dogs to develop a phobia when it comes to bathing and use of hair dryers.

The other reason you will need to use a dog hair dryer is that human hair dryers lack the capacity to dry a thick-coated dog completely. They have been designed to push air around, through, and over sparse human hair and not the dog’s dense fur. There are even the double-coated dog breeds that have two thick fur layers. Using a human hair dryer on such breeds would deliver poor results. It is therefore important to buy a dryer specifically meant for dogs.

You may be wondering why you need a hair dryer in the first place when you can just use a towel to dry your dog. One reason you need to invest in a good hair dryer is that wetness in dogs can easily lead to illness. Cold and wet conditions reduce the dog’s immune response,and this can expose it to various disease attacks. It is therefore important to dry your dog as much as possible to minimize the chances of it getting sick.

The other reason is that the smell that comes from wet dogs tend to affect the entire house. Probably you are accustomed to the stuffy smell that comes from a wet dog. This smell won’t be a big problem if it remains within the dog’s surrounding. It would, however, be quite irritating to have this smell spread all over your house.After bathing, it is good to thoroughly dry your dog to eliminate these odors. The other reason that will encourage you to buy a dog hair dryer is that wet dogs tend to soak your furniture and carpet. Most dogs like running around the house as a post-bath ritual. In the process of running, dogs tend to rub their head and shoulders on any fabric that comes their way. This will generate more cleaning work for you, especially if they are wet. By getting the dog properly dried, it will still get a chance to enjoy its post-bath rituals but not cause much trouble to your fabrics.

Different Types of Dog Hair Dryers

There are different types of dryers on the market and it is important to understand them in order toend up with the best. Different manufacturers have their own style and views on how a dog dryer should look like. The first type of dryer you can choose is the forced-air dryer. This is a high-velocity dryer that uses high pressure to blow the water out of the dog’s coat and hair. This is one of the most efficient and powerful dryers on the market today. The appearance of this dryer resembles that of a canister vacuum cleaner. One of the benefits you will enjoy by acquiring this types of dryer is that apart from straightening and drying your dog, it will also push the coat straight. This saves you the trouble of brushing while drying. When shopping for a forced-air dryer, always look for one with a CFM rating of between 100 and 300 units. You should also consider one with a special casing or padding to minimize the noise levels.

The next category of dryers is the stand type. This type is also referred to as fluff dryer,and it comes with an accompanying stand. This gives you the freedom to manoeuvre while drying your dog. Some dogs require simultaneous brushing and drying to prevent tangles. The stand dryer is the only unit that can help you meet the correct styling for your dog by enabling you to brush, comb, and style them as they dry. There is then the low-pressure dryer category, and these dryers use lower pressure to blow out air than the forced-air units. This works well for drying delicate areas and sensitive coat types. One thing to note is that this type of dryers works slowly and may cause some irritation, burns and heat stroke during use. The next option looks similar to a human hair dryer and is known as the handheld dryer. It has been specially designed for dogs,and it is one of the best choices for introducing puppies to the concept of drying. The last category is the cage dryer which has been specifically designed to handle caged dogs. They also work well for dogs with thin fur and sensitive skins. To ensure safety and comfort, it is good to have some experience in using the cage dryers.

Benefits of a Dog Hair Dryer

Dog grooming is a key aspect of maintaining good health for your dog. It also offers aesthetic benefits in that it will keep the coat of your dog shining and without dry bald spots. The dogs that have been groomed are clean and rarely get infections because their coat is protected from the habitation of fleas and parasites. As we discussed above, one way of keeping the dog’s coat well groomed is by drying it using a dog hair dryer. This also enables you to carry out regular health checkups to ensure your dog is in a healthy state.

It is easier to detect early signs of sickness in your dog’s coat if it is well groomed. The overall outside appearance of the dog will also be easily detected. Just the same way you feel rejuvenated after a good spa treatment, a well-groomed dog will also feel happy and revitalized. Young puppies may struggle to regulate their body’s temperature after taking a bath. Drying them using a dog hair dryer, therefore, helps in maintaining a steady body temperature. Proper drying of your dog, therefore, reduces their susceptibility to common illnesses.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Dog Hair Dryer

In order to get the best out of your dog hair dryer, it is important to choose a unit that works well and is safe to operate. There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind before you make the choice. To start with you have to keep in mind your dog’s coat. The thick double-coated dogs will require a dryer that advanced more air than their thin, short fur counterparts. You would also want to select a dryer that moves more air if you own chows and huskies.

You will also want to consider the size of your dog in order to get a good dryer. Bigger dogs require more drying time than the smaller ones. It is therefore important to choose a dryer that is able to operate for a long time without overheating. Additionally, you need to think about getting a unit that offers adjustable settings. Getting a dryer that has adjustable airflow and heat options enable you to keep the dog comfortable.

Special Features

There are a number of features that distinguish the various dog hair dryers on the market. One such feature is the air temperature. Dogs usually experience higher body temperatures than humans. Your best dryer pick should, therefore, use cool air to dry your pet’s coat. Pets like cats and dogs have sensitive skin, hair, and undercoat that can be easily burned if exposed to high temperatures. The air temperature should be either warm enough or cool enough to meet your needs.

The inclusion of the motor in the most recent units means that you no longer have to use auxiliary heating element. The other feature of importance is the speed. In choosing a hair dryer, you have to consider between variable speed and one-speed settings. A single speed dryer should be sufficient for a single dog or a single breed of dogs. If you need to dry many dogs using the dryer, then it is good to go for variable speed option. This option gives you the versatility and the flexibility to adjust the speed depending on the thickness of the coat being dried.

The next feature of consideration is the noise cancellation feature. This feature is extremely useful because it doesn’t take much for a dog or cat to feel uncomfortable around loud machines. Therefore, it is crucial that you pick a unit that generates powerful airflow and dries your pet quickly. A dryer that is too loud may cause some issues to the dog and even scare it away during drying. Even though the dog may get used to the noise with time, it is important to minimize the trouble caused by a noisy dryer. One way of finding out the noise information is by reading the customer reviews, especially if you are buying your dryer online.

Furthermore, there is then the quality and structure of the materials used that needs your attention. The hose, for instance, should be made from the highest quality to ensure top-notch durability. However, if you end up with a low-quality unit, it may lack the capacity to withstand the heat and air pressure that passes through the hose. For this reason, they may easily break, especially when they are used intensively. It is therefore good to buy a heavy duty dryer and not just focus on the spiral wounding of the hose. Choosing a durable dryer is vital especially if you are looking for a product to take with you on the go or store it safely.

The next thing to consider is the CFM and horsepower features. There are models on the market that feature high horsepower capabilities. They may not be that beneficial to you, considering the fact that electronics will only be able to generate great horsepower quantities if they are equipped with a current of 30 amps. Since most electronics have the capacity to handle 12 amps only, it would be hard to achieve such high power. This may not be the case with the CFM feature because CFM stands for cubic feet per minute and it should be the key feature to look out for in your dog hair dryer. It determines how fast you can dry your dog. Models with higher CFM ratings have the capacity to blow and fill the air in shorter time. This translates to faster drying of the dog’s coat or hair. Therefore, CFM is a key factor to consider and you should look into CFM rather than horsepower when you are making up your final buying decision.


Throughout this article, we have explored the various reasons to choose a dog dryer, the various types of dog hair dryers available on the market, their features, and factors that must be put into consideration before choosing the right unit. One thing that stands out is that a dog hair dryer needs to gust out cool air and not hot air like the human dryers. You should ensure that the chosen unit doesn’t hurt the dog’s sensitive skin. You should also ensure that you buy a unit that stands the test of time by looking at the quality and sturdiness of the available products. Regarding speed, it is good to have a unit with adjustable speed settings. Choosing a unit with its own stand will give you the flexibility groom your dog using both hands. Just make sure that you read the dog hair dryer reviews above and once you know exactly what to look for, you will end up with a dryer that will follow you for many years to come. In order to keep your place clean and tidy, buying a pet hair vacuum cleaner is highly recommended.