Best Vacuum for Pet Hair Reviews – (Complete Guide for 2020)

There are so many options out there when it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner but when it comes to finding the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair it becomes more complicated. The need for more power, extra accessories, or HEPA filters makes reading our vacuum for pet hair reviews and comparison So lets dig in and explore the different types and brands of available vacuum cleaners that are great for pet hair!

Selecting a household appliance can be overwhelming, especially as there are so many options to consider! A good vacuum cleaner is crucial when you have fuzzy, malting pets in the house, so it’s important you spend your money on a worthy choice.

To help you out with the decision, we have put together the ultimate list of pet hair vacuums! The following list has 15 models from the best brands, suitable for various budgets and needs.


15 Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Vacuum for Pet Hair
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Shark NV42
  • Color: Champagne
  • Style: Upright Corded Bagless
  • Size: 11.4 x 11.8 x 45.5 inches
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturer

Vacuum for Pet Hair
  • 3.5 Customer Rating
  • Hoover UH70210
  • Color: Blue
  • Style: Upright
  • Size: 13 x 13.5 x 44 inches
  • Weight: 18.7 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturer

Vacuum for Pet Hair
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Bissell 9595A
  • Color: Purple
  • Style: Bagless
  • Size: 12.5 x 13.5 x 44 inches
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturer

Vacuum for Pet Hair
  • 3 Customer Rating
  • Reserwa Car Vacuum
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Handheld
  • Size: 14.7 x 5.1 x 4.8 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturer

Vacuum for Pet Hair
  • 3.5 Customer Rating
  • Bissell 1782
  • Color: Green/Black
  • Style: Cordless Hand
  • Size: 4.5 x 16 x 6.8 inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturer

Vacuum for Pet Hair
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Shark SV780
  • Color: Lavender
  • Style: Cordless Bagless Hand
  • Size: 4.6 x 15.7 x 6.1 inches
  • Weight: 4.25 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturer

Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum NV42

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsThis bagless upright vacuum from Shark is a powerful, sleek, and no-nonsense model. Upright vacuums can be difficult when cleaning high-up areas such as ceiling corners and shelfs as they don’t always feature a hose. However, this model does not have that problem as it has a long hose to reach any surface high or low. You can use the hose as you would use a regular canister vacuum when you want to reach overhead, then use it as a regular upright for your floors.

One of the best aspects of this vacuum is the strong suction power and the ability to thoroughly clean both carpet and hard floors. The mega-strong suction and motorized brush means pet hair is gathered easily and thoroughly on floors. The pet hair guide making use of upholstery brush is a real winner as it leaves furniture clean and clear, with no trace of fuzz or dander!

The only thing about this model you might want to consider is the fact that it’s not the most maneuverable vacuum in terms of swiveling and sharp turns. This won’t be a problem if you have a reasonably simple home without a lot of items to maneuver around. If you want a vacuum to handle large floor surfaces and furniture, then this upright vacuum would be fine. For pet owners, a large dust cup capacity is key when it comes to vacuum cleaning. Pets add a lot more volume to the weekly vacuuming session, and this upright model from Shark can collect a huge amount of material in one clean.

Pet hair attachments/abilities

This vacuum features a pet hair brush attachment tool which is great for really getting into the places fur likes to hide such as couch coverings, in between cushions, and in those tight stair corners. The HEPA filter ensures the air is safe and clear of harmful allergens and dander.

Who’s it for?

This model is for anyone who wants a thorough whole-house clean and prefers an upright design. If you have lots of furniture which your pets like to lounge on then this could be the model for you, as it comes with a great upholstery tool especially for pet hair collection.


  • Lightweight (15lbs)
  • Powerful suction
  • Flexible hose for over-head cleaning
  • Easy-to-empty dust cup
  • Large capacity dust cup
  • Comes with effective pet hair upholstery tool for cleaning furniture
  • HEPA filter


  • Might not be ideal for homes with lots of small spaces to maneuver into as it does not have swivel steering
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Hoover Vacuum Cleaner T-Series Wind Tunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH70210

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsNext on the list is another bagless upright vacuum cleaner from Hoover. This is a very high-tech model to look at! The transparent outer casing shows the impressive WindTunnel technology inside, and allows you to see the material collect as you clean. The WindTunnel feature ensures that the debris gets sucked straight into the dust cup and is trapped there until emptying, which means not a shred of fur is redistributed into the air, and the vacuum remains clear and unclogged.

This vacuum offers the best of both worlds, as you can use the hose to reach difficult areas such as stairs, the inside of cars, and on furniture. Attach the pet-hair hand tool and easily get rid of that annoying fur on your carpets, stairs, and furniture. The main cleaning foot on the upright vacuum features 5 different floor settings, so you can adjust them according to the type of floor you want to clean. Try the lowest setting when cleaning hard floors (and switch the brush roll off), and use the higher settings for carpets.

If storage is an issue for you, you might like to know that this model has a foldable handle. You can fold the handle backward which makes the machine far more compact and easy to fit into small cupboards.

Pet hair attachments/abilities

Since this model has been designed for pet-hair removal, it really delivers on the promise. There are 2 pet-hair attachments (one for smaller spaces and one for floors), and the WindTunnel technology based vacuum cleaner makes sure the fur doesn’t get caught or clumped in the system.

Who’s it for?

If you prefer an upright vacuum but would like the choice to get hands-on and reach small or heavily “furry” spots, then this could be the one for you. If your home has lots of different floor types, you will like the 5 different settings on the cleaning head so you can clean each room equally as effectively. The HEPA filter gets a tick for asthma or allergy sufferers.


  • HEPA filter
  • Rewinding cord (no more manual winding, just tap the button!)
  • Comes with pet hair hand tools for elbow-grease cleaning of upholstery, floors, and stair corners
  • Comes with a long cleaning wand and hose for versatile cleaning
  • 5 different floor settings for hard floors and carpets
  • WindTunnel technology captures and traps all debris with no scatter, clogging, or fall-out


  • Not the lightest model, so might be difficult to carry up many stairs
  • If your home is very large you might find that the machine overheats and switches off in order to cool down again, this could mean a whole-house clean takes longer than you’d prefer.
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Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsThird model comes with pretty impressive sucking power from the list of Bissell vacuum cleaners for pet hair! This upright model from Bissell offers efficient suction thanks to the OnePass feature. Basically, this means that you can cover a lot of ground and gather all debris with one swipe, (no more going back and forth over and over again to collect the dust!). When cleaning carpets, the TurboBrush pushes deep down into the fibers to dislodge and collect dust and debris. However, the brush roll does not switch off, so you might find it isn’t the best for cleaning certain types of hard floor.

The suction technology used in this model is called Multi-Cyclonic. In everyday terms, this just means that the debris is sucked powerfully into the machine and locked into the dust cup immediately, rather than hanging around in the filter.

Pet hair attachments/abilities

This vacuum comes with a crevice tool and TurboBrush which are ideal for getting into stair corners, furniture surfaces, and in small crevices where fur likes to accumulate. This model does not come with specific pet hair grooming tools, but the strong suction and attachments handle pet hair and fur admirably!

Who’s it for?

If you are looking for budget friendly vacuums for pet hair but you’re after a machine with strong and efficient sucking power, then this is a good place to begin. The machine is small enough and light enough to store easily and whip around the house for an easy clean. I think this is a great choice for a first vacuum cleaner for students or couples just moving in together.


  • OnePass and Cyclonic technology offers strong suction and “first-time” debris collection
  • Comes with wand and hose for multi-level cleaning
  • Comes with crevice tool and TurboBrush for controlled cleaning of stairs, corners, and furniture
  • Affordable
  • Easy to empty dust cup
  • Transparent outer case lets you see when the dust cup is full (and it’s satisfying to see the dust you are collecting!)
  • Light enough to carry upstairs for most people (vacuum weighs just over 15lbs)
  • Maneuverable: easy to clean under coffee tables and around tight corners
  • Washable filter


  • The revolving brush doesn’t have an “off” switch, so it may not be ideal for hard floors
  • Non-HEPA filter might not be suitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers
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Reserwa Car Vacuum Car Vacuum Cleaner Portable Car Handheld Vacuum

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsIf you have pets (or children for that matter) who ride in the car with you on a regular basis, I imagine your car needs a thorough vacuuming every week or so! Well, this handheld vacuum cleaner for pet hair from Reserwa covers all bases when it comes to cleaning vehicle interiors.

A surprising and useful feature is the “wet and dry” cleaning ability. You can see into the interior of the vacuum to see when the maximum liquid intake has been reached so you don’t overfill. When you reach the maximum, you simple pour the liquid out and keep cleaning.

A regular handheld vacuum can be tricky to use on car interiors as it can damage leather seats, and can be hard to get into those tight crannies. This model has been designed especially for car interiors and it has different hose nozzles to choose from. One is a soft, rubber nozzle to clean leather safely and gently. One is a brush nozzle to dislodge and college pet fur and other particles. The final nozzle is a hard hose to get to those tougher places such as beneath the seats.

The long cord means you can easily reach your garage or driveway even when the vacuum is plugged into a socket inside the house.

Pet hair attachments/abilities

The brush attachment is the tool to use for gathering pet hair and fur from your car’s interior. Because the brush attachment is small, it can fit into crevices and gaps where fur can sometimes gather. You can brush the brush tool over seats and floors to dislodge the fur and allow it to be sucked into the machine and away from your seats!

Who’s it for?

I would say this handheld vacuum is for anyone who likes to keep their car clean and free of pet hair, dander, and mess. You could even use it as a household vacuum cleaner for quick clean-up jobs inside your home. You could have this one hand as a supplementary vacuum to your regular, heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. If you want a machine that can handle wet messes then this one is definitely a front-runner.


  • HEPA filter, can be removed and washed easily
  • Long power cord (5 meters)
  • Can be used to clean both wet and dry messes
  • Comes with soft hose to safely clean leather seats
  • Comes with brush to clean fur, tough spills, and carpets
  • Comes with hard nozzle for tougher cleaning of sturdy surfaces
  • Easy to empty


  • Can overheat and needs to be turned off to cool down before resuming cleaning
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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsWhen it comes to handheld vacuum cleaners, this one really deserves its place on this list! You can already tell by the name, it has been designed especially for homes with scatterings of hair and fur left by the fuzzy family members.

This model comes with three attachments; crevice tool, motorized brush, and upholstery tool. One of the great things about this vacuum is that you can actually use these tools together for a very efficient clean.

Pet hair attachments/abilities

Since this entire machine has been designed and marketed for pet owners, it’s pet-hair removal abilities are pretty impressive. The motorized brush attachment presses into carpets and surfaces to gather fur and remove it completely. The upholstery and crevice tools get into the little corners and nooks where fur can build-up and attract dust and mites.

Who’s it for?

You could use this handheld vacuum for practically anywhere in your home and car. If you have lots of pets, or especially furry ones, then this would be a great choice as you could grab it on a daily basis to clean fur and dander easily.


  • Motorized brush head, ramps-up the cleaning power
  • Handheld and cordless for versatile and hands-on cleaning
  • Comes with upholstery tool especially for cleaning furniture
  • Two stages of filtration, this keeps the filters cleaner for longer and prevents clogging


  • Some users have noted that the charge runs out after about 20 minutes, but this should be more than enough for spot-cleaning
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Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vacuum

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsShark has also designed a handheld vacuum especially for fur-coated homes! This Shark vacuum cleaner for pet hair comes with a charging station which you can mount on the wall. This is a great feature as it allows you to keep the appliance tucked away in a convenient place, out of the way, and ready to be used whenever you need it. Sometimes it can be a bit of a nuisance when you need to store appliances in draws and cupboards, as they can create clutter and mess.

You can expect a motorized brush head attachment in the box, which is recommended to be used on surfaces where pet hair and fur accumulates. You also get a crevice tool and duster brush attachment which widens the scope of cleaning.

Some people have noted that the charging time is quite long (about 16 hours once the battery is drained), and the running time is quite short, (between 10-15 minutes depending on which tool you are using, the motorized brush head does shorten the running time a bit). However, my take on this is that you are most likely to use a handheld vacuum like this as a quick “whizz around the house” or spot-cleaning tool as opposed to your heavy-duty cleaning appliance. Therefore, I don’t think the short run time is anything to worry about.

Pet hair attachments/abilities

Reviewers have praised the pet-hair collecting abilities of this model. This is due to the strong suction power and the motorized brush head. As we’ve learnt from earlier reviews, the rotating motion of the bristles helps to catch and lift the hair as the vacuum presses into the soft surface. The crevice tool works to suck fur and dander out of the corners of walls and stairs.

Who’s it for?

I recommend this model for someone who wants to stash a handheld vacuum cleaner onto the laundry room or cleaning cupboard wall, out of the way, and ready to go. The attachments and handheld design are ideal for pet owners who want to get hands-on with their pet-hair removal sessions. If you’re after a long-running vacuum cleaner, then I recommend opting for a larger, sturdier machine.


  • Mountable charging station
  • Comes with motorized brush head for gathering fur and hair
  • Rubber handle offers non-slip, controlled cleaning
  • Comes with crevice tool for tight spaces and corners
  • Comes with brush tool for dusting and gathering large debris
  • Can be used on both hard floors and carpet
  • Batteries are easily removed and replaced
  • The filter is washable
  • Strong suction


  • Quite a long charge time, (about 16 hours)
  • Some people have noted the running time isn’t as long as they would prefer for longer cleaning sessions (runs for about 10 minutes)
  • The brush head must be manually rotated as it doesn’t have a swiveling feature
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Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsThis corded stick vacuum from Bissell has a very unique design. The cleaning foot is in the shape of a V, and is designed especially for hard floors. The V-shape is very clever as it shuffles dirt and debris into the center of the V, where it is sucked up into the machine. Brush rolls can sometimes damage hard floors, and can make for ineffective cleaning. This model does not have a brush roll, and instead has a gentle foot with rubber edges which catch and shuffle fur and debris into the mouth of the suction tube.

Pet hair attachments/abilities

The rubber edges on the foot ensure that fur and fuzz is swept up immediately, and not left training behind as you clean. Because of the V-shape design, you can really get into corners and edges to clear-up all pet hair and fur from your hard floors. There are no extra attachments, so you would need another vacuum if you want to clean furniture and car interiors.

Who’s it for?

If your home has mostly hard floors, and you have pets… then this is a very worthy model to consider. If you have lots of chairs and tables in your lounge or dining room you might really like this vacuum as you can swivel the V-shaped foot tightly in and around each leg and corner. If you want an all-rounder with carpet cleaning ability and extra tools then I suggest looking for a more versatile vacuum machine for pet hair on carpet.


  • V-shaped foot for efficient cleaning
  • Designed for hard floors
  • Long power cord
  • Very light and easy to use
  • Swivel-head allows sharp turns and super maneuverability
  • The dirt cup can be emptied easily and without mess


  • Not suitable for carpeted floors or furniture
  • Does not come with extra attachments
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Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsThe shark Navigator Freestyle is a slick-looking machine with some great features for different floor types. The brush roll with 2 speed settings allows the user to switch between different surfaces very easily. When it comes to stick vacuums, what you really need is something that is lightweight and can be taken for a quick and thorough clean without fuss, cords, and dragging.

Pet hair attachments/abilities

The brush roll digs deep into carpets and soft floors to loosen and capture fur and hair, while the hard floor setting (low-speed brush roll) glides smoothly over hard floors, sucking and catching fur as it goes. The very large dust cup is also a bonus for pet owners as you can clean a whole house and not have to stop half way to empty the fur from the cup!

Who’s it for?

I would recommend this vacuum to someone who likes to do quick vacuum cleaning sessions with maximum effectiveness for pet hair. You can grab this cordless vacuum and get your whole-house clean done thoroughly without having to bother with re-plugging or dealing with an up-turning canister! If you have both hard floors and carpets in your home, as well as shedding pets, then I definitely recommend this model for your floor cleaning. However, if you want something that you can reach ceiling corners with, or clean the furniture, you should look for a more versatile model. Perhaps you could go for this stick vacuum for your floor cleaning, and get yourself a powerful handheld (like the ones above!) for spot-cleaning and furniture de-fuzzing.


  • Great for both hard floors and carpets
  • Long run time
  • HEPA filter
  • Very lightweight (about 7.5lbs!)
  • Brush roll has 2 speeds to suit different floor types
  • Speed settings can be changed with a tap of the foot (no bending required)
  • Large dust cup
  • Dust cup is easy to empty
  • Swiveling head makes for efficient and easy maneuvering
  • Comes with charging stand


  • Doesn’t come with an upholstery brush
  • Doesn’t come with an attachable hose for overhead cleaning
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Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsThis is one of those vacuum cleaners that has a job to do, and it doesn’t muck around. The Hoover Linx BH50010 is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner with comprehensive cleaning ability. The WindTunnel technology (as featured in a review above!) offers strong suction and no-escape capturing of debris and dust. This isn’t a model to choose if you want all the attachments and tools that come with many models, as it’s purely a floor cleaner!

Pet hair attachments/abilities

The Hoover Linx doesn’t come with any attachments, so you won’t be able to use this vacuum to clean pet hair from furniture or tight crannies. The good news is that this model will thoroughly take care of the floors and will gather all pet hair and fuzz from floor edges and corners thanks to the edge bristles on the cleaning foot.

Who’s it for?

Perhaps you’ve got a really good handheld cleaner you use regularly for furniture, stair nooks, and crevices. But you need something reliable to pull out on a whim and thoroughly clean your hard and carpeted floors. If that’s you, then this Hoover model is a great choice.

The edge bristles on the motorized cleaning foot make this a real contender for anyone wanting a vacuum which can help to clear the corners and edges of gathered dust and fuzz.


  • Works on all floor types (hard floors and carpet)
  • The cleaning foot features edge-bristles which closely sweep corners
  • Hoover WindTunnel technology prevents clogging
  • Strong suction
  • Motorized brush roll is great on carpets, but can be turned off for hard floors
  • Has a low profile and a hinging design to fit underneath beds and furniture
  • The filter remains cleaner for longer thanks to the cyclonic filtration design
  • Light and easy to maneuver
  • Lithium Ion battery with charger pack
  • Wide foot to cover more ground in less time


  • Doesn’t come with an upholstery attachment
  • Long pet hair may get stuck in brush roll and have to be removed by hand
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bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsThis automatic self charging vacuum cleaner for pet hair under $500 that takes you to a whole new level! Robotic vacuums are becoming more popular due to their independent and intelligent cleaning abilities. First on the “robot list” is the bObsweep robotic vacuum. This smart little robot has been designed especially for cleaning pet hair and pet-related marks such as paw prints on hard floors.

Bob (as the brand’s marketing team refers to him!) is multi-functional as he can perform normal vacuuming duties as well as mopping and air purifying with his HEPA filter. Keen infrared sensors help Bob to find dirt and fur, stop him from bumping into objects, and adjusts to suit different types of floors.

The price starts to rise due to the incredibly advanced technology and that is the case for robotic vacuum cleaners for pet hair , but the price can be justified by the functionality and convenience. Busy people who don’t want to be spending spare time sweeping pet hair but still want to enjoy a clean home could certainly get much enjoyment from a robotic vacuum like Bob.

Pet hair attachments/abilities

Bob has been carefully crafted to be a pet-hair cleaner through and through. The mop attachment and microfiber cloths are great for polishing dirty paw prints away, and the infrared sensor spots clumps and clusters of fur on floors. The dust capacity is very large, so even very fur-covered floors won’t overload Bob.

Who’s it for?

Very busy people with little time to clean come to mind when thinking about who this robotic vacuum would suit. I don’t think you would choose this vacuum as your primary cleaning tool, as you can’t control it yourself, nor can you use it to clean furniture or overhead surfaces. If you want something you can switch on and leave to its own devices while it clears up dust, fur, and hair from your floors while you get on with life, then this could be the one for you. If you prefer to get the cleaning done in one hands-on session with all bases covered (furniture, crevices, stairs) then I would go for a good canister or stick vacuum unit for pet hair instead.


  • Vacuums, sweeps, and mops
  • HEPA filtration
  • Large dust cup capacity
  • Infrared technology targets dust and fur
  • Doesn’t bump into furniture
  • Comes with remote control
  • Battery lasts for at least an hour for one cleaning session before recharging
  • Cleans tightly along walls and corners
  • Made from safe materials (so no danger if the cat or dog decides to taste it!)
  • Comes with microfiber cloths and mop attachments for the mop function


  • Some users have noted that very long pet hair can get caught in Bob’s wheels
  • Can occasionally get stuck and needs help to get back on track
  • Robotic vacuums by nature don’t offer versatile house cleaning, only floors
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ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Smart Auto Cleaning Dry Mopping Remote control for Pets Hair

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsAnother robot! This is best vacuum cleaner for pet hair under $200 , it is best suited for hard floors and like the “Bob” above, it has been designed to decimate pet hair and fur from floors. Although some sources have stated that it can be used on all floors, the overwhelming feedback shows that it’s best for hard floors. This model has all of the sensor features to stop it toppling down the stairs and colliding with furniture, as should be expected from robotic cleaning appliances!

Pet hair attachments/abilities

I think the HEPA filter, spot-cleaning mode, and edge-cleaning feature are great for pet owners. The HEPA filter ensures the air is clarified and harmful dander and debris is captured and removed from the room – ideal for asthmatics. If your pet has been lazing in a particular room or spot, you can turn on the spot-cleaning feature and the vacuum will focus on that particular area until the mess has been removed. Hard floors tend to encourage fur and hair to gather around the wall edges and corners of the room, which is taken care of by this vacuum when you select the edge-cleaning feature.

Who’s it for?

If you have hard floors, shedding pets, and little patience for constant sweeping and vacuuming, then this is a great option for you. The HEPA filter makes this a top choice for those looking for a robotic vacuum but have asthmatics in the house


  • Ideal for hard floors
  • Cliff sensor to prevent falling down the stairs!
  • Cleans under beds and couches
  • Long run time (about an hour and 40 minutes between charges)
  • HEPA filtration
  • Comes with remote control
  • Can schedule daily cleaning
  • Returns to charging dock automatically
  • Spot-cleaning feature for particularly dirty areas
  • Edge cleaning feature for cleaning around the sides of rooms, along the walls
  • Comes with cloth for dry mopping feature


  • The dust cup is smaller than other robotic vacuums, which means you’ll have to empty it more often, especially if the robot has lots of fur and hair to gather
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ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Tangle-free Suction for Pet Hair, Hard Floor – Cleaning Robot

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsThe last robotic vacuum on the list is the Ecovacs Deebot N78. This model is similar to the previous two robotic vacuums in the sense that it can be scheduled for cleaning, it has sensors to prevent it from toppling off edges and bumping into items. The Deebot is also most suitable for hard wood floors. There are two sets of small brushes on the underside of the machine which sweep and gather fur and hair as the machine moves.

Pet hair attachments/abilities

What sets this one apart from the previous two models is the fact that is specifically states “tangle-free”. Even though a vacuum can be great at capturing and sucking up fur, not all vacuums can do so without getting tangled here and there. Long-haired dogs and cats who drop lots of loose fur

Who’s it for?

If you’ve got hard floors and pets with long hair then the Deebot could work well for you. perhaps you’ve got skittish pets who don’t like loud noises? If so, then this could be a good place to start, as it has been designed to be quiet and discreet as it cleans.


  • Quiet
  • Edge-cleaning function (sticks to wall edges and around furniture edges to capture gathered debris)
  • Spot-cleaning function (concentrates on cleaning particularly furry or dirty areas)
  • Auto-cleaning function (cleans the house on a random path)
  • Automatically returns to charging dock
  • Captures even long pet hair without tangling
  • Comes with remote control
  • Has sensors to prevent falls and collisions
  • Can be scheduled for daily cleaning sessions
  • Sweeps as it vacuums so all particles are swept into the vacuum
  • Has a mop feature


  • Some users have noted that the Deebot struggles a bit when passing into different rooms if the edges of different floors are too high. If you have high floor joiners and edges then be wary of this
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Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum, 3670G – Corded

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsIt is a low-price, lightweight canister unit from the family of Eureka vacuum cleaners for pet hair with extra tools for versatile cleaning. Even though it can be used on carpets, it is recommended for hard floors. The small canister is compact, light, and can be stored easily. The great thing about canister vacuums is that they have a hose and wand which can be lifted overhead, reached behind and beneath furniture, can reach into small corners, and can be used to clean cars.

Pet hair attachments/abilities

The crevice tool and upholstery tool are handy weapons against pet hair which gets stuck to furniture and down the sides of couches and arm chairs. The suction is great, so fur, hair, and small particles can be easily removed from hard floors and upholstery. This vacuum is light enough to be non-cumbersome if you want to do some quick cleaning sessions a few times a week to keep on top of the fur situation!

Who’s it for?

I think this is a fantastic “first” canister vacuum for anyone wanting to get a vacuum for their flat, first home, or rental property. It’s affordable enough to buy upfront, but quality enough to do a good job. If your home has mostly hard floors, then this gets a “tick”, but if you have lots of carpet and thick rugs, choose another. If you have trouble lifting and carrying, then take a look at this model as it is very lightweight and won’t be too cumbersome to use.


  • Very light (just under 9lbs)
  • Can be used to blow leaves away
  • Comes with crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush
  • Great suction
  • Works very well on hard floors


  • Doesn’t perform so well on carpets and rugs
  • Might be too noisy for noise-fearing dogs and cats
  • It is a bagged vacuum, which doesn’t appeal to all vacuum users
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Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum, Caribbean Blue – Corded

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsFor people who prefer a bagless canister vacuum, this is model from Bissell is more along the right lines. Again, this model has been repeatedly noted by users as a hard-floor cleaner as opposed to a multi-floor cleaner. Although the filter is not an HEPA filter, it does offer 3 different filtration stages which ensures even more dust, particles, and debris are sucked and captured in the dust cup.

Pet hair attachments/abilities

The crevice tool helps to capture trapped fur from tight spots, and the adjustable suction allows you to gently and efficiently remove fur and hair from the bottom of curtains and even clothing. You can remove the cleaning head and use the mouth of the hose or wand to clean along the edges and corners of the room.

Who’s it for?

If you’re after a bagless canister vacuum that won’t break the bank, consider this one from Bissell. However, if you or anyone in your home suffers from asthma, then it’s safer to choose a vacuum with an HEPA filter, which this one does not have. This vacuum does the trick for those with hard floors and who don’t want to carry a large, heavy vacuum around the house.


  • The cord can be automatically rewound
  • Comes with crevice tool and dusting brush
  • Bagless (no repurchasing and replacing bags, just empty the dust cup)
  • Adjustable suction for cleaning delicate fabrics such as curtains and drapes
  • Small and light, easy to store and carry upstairs


  • Not ideal for lots of carpet or thick rugs
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Dyson DC39 Ball Multifloor Pro Canister Vacuum

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair ReviewsLast but not least, DC39 is an impressive model from Dyson vacuum cleaner for pet hair. You can tell just by looking at the DC39 that it’s pretty impressive and provides excellent cleaning performance. This is the kind of canister vacuum to select if you want to upgrade your cleaning apparel and invest in a long-term, whole-house cleaning vacuum to last you a long time. Some vacuums do the trick to clean the floors and furniture, but that’s all. And that’s fine! However, if you want something that can be used to clean all floors, surfaces, height levels, and will also provide clean, safe air to breathe, then this model is a perfect one to consider.

Pet hair attachments/abilities

Because this model works very effectively on all floor types and the suction is very strong, then it’s a great weapon against irritating fur and hair. The HEPA filter is also an outstanding feature for pet owners, as the harmful dander and tiny particles which come from pets are trapped and prevented from being sprayed back into the room. The upholstery tool and crevice tool are, of course, great for getting hands-on with your furniture cleaning.

Who’s it for?

If your budget is a little larger and you’re looking to invest in a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner to use on different floor types, then a Dyson like this is ideal. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers should absolutely choose a vacuum with an HEPA filter, which this one has!


  • Works very efficiently on all floor types
  • Ball design offers smooth, effortless turning and maneuvering
  • HEPA filtration ensures all air released back into the room is safe and clean
  • Cyclonic technology offers strong suction and safely captures debris
  • Comes with full set of tools: crevice tool, upholstery tool, brush bar tool
  • Brush bar controls are located at the handle (no painful crouching needed!)
  • Long power cord


  • Be careful when emptying the dust canister, hold it inside your large trash bin or bag if you can, as the dust can escape out as you empty it
Check the Latest Price on Amazon

Choosing a vacuum cleaner becomes a little more complicated when you have pets in the house. If your pets are heavy shedders (or regular shedders for that matter!) it’s important that you select a vacuum cleaner that can handle the task of removing fur and dander from your floors and surfaces. We have put together a guide to help you make the best choice!

Why choose a pet hair vacuum cleaner?

For one thing, matted clumps of fur all over your furniture and gathered around the corners of your walls is not a good look! Putting aesthetics aside, pet fur and dander can actually be detrimental to the health of you and the people living in your home. People with asthma can be triggered by breathing in small particles of dander and fuzz, as can those with allergies.

Key aspects to consider

Who would have thought choosing a pet hair vacuum cleaner guide would be so complicated?! Well, it’s not really, but there are definitely some factors you need to consider before making your purchase. Think about the size and dimensions of your home…do you have stairs you need to navigate? Are your rooms large and spacious? Do you have lots of furniture and items to maneuver around? Once you’ve taken stock of your home’s needs, consider these factors when looking at various vacuum cleaner models:

Cord length

This applies to corded vacuum cleaners. Again, the size of your home will determine your cord-length needs. It’s rather annoying having to constantly unplug and re-plug the cord as you trundle around the house with the vacuum cleaner! Anything less than 20ft could prove unsuitable for large homes.

Weight, size, and storage

Weight is an important factor to consider if you have stairs, or if you have difficultly living heavy objects (due to injuries or age, for example). A lighter-weight cleaner designed to be carried and transported is a good option if you need to move around a large home or up flights of stairs as you clean. Storage is another factor to consider; if you live in a small apartment you don’t want to have a large vacuum cleaner lurking in the corner for everyone to see! In such cases, cordless or wall-mounted models are ideal.

Dust cup capacity

Large homes or heavily-shedding pets require a decent-sized dust cup. You don’t want to be constantly emptying the dust bag as you clean! Hand-held models and some stick vacuums will have a smaller capacity to the more-heavy duty canister vacuums, so choose your model according to the cleaning demands of your home. A 2-liter dust cup is a good benchmark to base your choice on.

Cleaning and emptying

An easy-to-empty dust cup is a great feature; you don’t want to be handling piles of dust, fur and dander every time you empty the vacuum cleaner. Many brands have cottoned-on to this factor and have designed quick and easy emptying systems where all you need to do is press a button to release the contents, such as Bissell 1650A pet hair eraser vacuum cleaner.


A rigid cleaning head and a stiff canister is not going to make for an easy or effective cleaning session if you have lots of tables and chairs to clean around. Luckily, many modern models have taken this into consideration and have created incredibly agile models which can zip in and around the smallest of items! Choose a model with an easy-to-handle design as in the case of Dyson V6 vacuum machine.

Price point

This is a tricky one, as you shouldn’t splurge out on something that is way above your budget. However, you don’t want to opt for a super-cheap option that won’t last the distance, and will end up costing you more on repairs and replacement parts. Looking for good deals and discounts on top-quality brands and models is a great way to pay less for more quality. Find the best vacuum cleaner on the market, then go down the list until you find the next-best option to fit with your budget, while trying to keep all of your preferences. You might have to compromise on weight or cord length to get the pet-hair attachments and crevice tools etc.

Floor type

Different floor types require different cleaning technology and brush heads. Many models take this into account and offer cleaning options for both carpet and hard floor, but it pays to make sure before you purchase! A cleaning head with soft bristles and a strong suction will be ideal for hard floors, and a motorized brush head option is great for thick carpets.

Attachments to look out for

Most vacuum cleaners come with separate attachments for different purposes. Look for a model with pet hair attachments, as this will make your fur-removal process a lot easier and faster! Pet hair attachments are generally designed to collect maximum pet hair without tangling or getting stuck. This model from Dyson is a good example of a specially-designed cleaning head for pet hair and fur.

Crevice tools

Crevice tools are often come in the form of small, brush-like attachments which you place onto the end of the hose. These tools are to get into the small cracks and crevices such as in between cushions and stair corners. A good crevice tool is handy to have as you can really target built-up fur and hair in tricky hiding places!

Reachable hose and wand

If you like to use your vacuum cleaner to reach up into roof corners and behind tricky spaces, a reachable wand is what you need to look out for. Many models have a retractable wand which can be lengthened to reach high places once you remove the brush head.

Switchable brushes

Most brush heads have a carpet and a hard-floor setting, which is necessary and very handy! However, having to bend down each time you want to switch floor surfaces is not ideal, especially if you have injuries or troubles bending. There are plenty of models with foot-activated switches, or even have the switches on the handle, so you can move from carpet to hard floors with a simple touch of the finger.

Floor types

Take a quick mental image of your home, does it have mostly carpets, hard floors, or a mixture of both? This is important when choosing a vacuum cleaner, as you want to find one that will clean all of your floor surfaces efficiently. Some brush heads aren’t very effective on thick or shaggy carpets, so it’s worth looking into a model with a motorized brush head to really get into the fibers.

Types of vacuum cleaners: which is best?


Canister vacuums have a wheeled canister which contains a motor, filter, and dust cup. The canister is attached to a hose and wand and is dragged along behind you as you clean. Large homes which require regular cleaning are best suited to canister vacuums, as long as they come with pet-friendly attachments and a powerful suction.

Suitable for you if:

  • You want an all-round vacuum cleaner to clean your entire home
  • You clean often, or you have a large home with lots of floors and surfaces

Cordless vacuum cleaners are often wall-mounted to conserve space. Many people like to opt for cordless vacuum cleaners if they live in small homes with minimal floor space. The joy of cordless vacuum cleaners is that you can simply grab it from the wall mount, do a quick clean, and place it back – no cords or heavy canisters to haul around. If your cleaning needs are rather demanding, and your budget allows, you could add a cordless vacuum to your arsenal and have it on hand for sudden spills and fur deposits!

Suitable for you if:

  • You have a small home and limited storage space
  • You want something you can grab quickly and without fuss
Hand held

Hand held vacuum cleaners are great to have on hand as a companion to your more heavy-duty cleaner. If you have lots of pets, or lots of furniture to keep clean, a hand-held cleaner comes in handy for emergencies or “quick cleans” in between your whole-house cleaning sessions.

Suitable for you if:

  • You want a quick and easy cleaning fix for everyday use
  • You want to supplement your regular vacuum cleaner with a lighter option

Filtration is an important aspect to look out for when shopping for your new vacuum cleaner. There are regular filters, then there are HEPA filters. The difference? HEPA filters have been given a special “tick” to certify that they comply with the HEPA regulations. HEPA filters catch and hold on to miniscule particles of dust and dander which would otherwise be thrown back into the atmosphere of your home when using a regular, or lower-quality filter.

Brands and models

To help you get an idea of the brands and models on the market, we have chosen three of the top competitors, and their pet-related vacuum cleaners.


Dyson is one of the most iconic vacuum cleaner brands. They are known for their innovative and modern designs and ultra-efficient appliances. We have chosen 2 Dyson models which have been made especially for those of us with furry creatures running around the house!

Dyson V6 Animal Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner

This is a super-efficient vacuum cleaner with a cordless design and sleek aesthetic.


  • Motorized brush head! Perfect for all floor types
  • Long battery life (about 20 minutes of cleaning in between charging)
  • Easily-stored
  • Detachable wand (it turns into a hand held cleaner! Great for cars and furniture)
  • Light enough to lift overhead and clean roofs etc.


Hoover is probably the most well-known brand name in the vacuum cleaner universe! They have a great range of affordable vacuum cleaners, so we have chosen a cost-effective one to show you.

Hoover Linx BH50010 Vacuum Cleaner

This is another cordless option with Wind Tunnel technology which ramps-up the suction and keeps the dust and fur safely inside the dust cup until you empty it out.


  • Affordable
  • Powerful suction
  • Outer bristles on the cleaning head to reach into wall corners
  • Touch-button controls to change modes easily


Eureka has been around for many decades, (over 100 to be precise!) so they can definitely be trusted to put together a great vacuum cleaner.

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum with Pet Attachments

You can’t really go wrong with this option. It’s small enough to be stored easily, but sturdy enough to give your whole house a thorough clean. The pet-hair attachments are extremely handy as they will help you to keep your furniture fuzz-free and spotless.


  • Pet-hair attachments! High-quality attachments especially for fur removal
  • HEPA filter
  • Lightweight: easy to carry upstairs
  • Adjustable wand for easy reaching


Well, there we have it! Hopefully this rundown has equipped you with some useful knowledge to take with you next time you purchase the best vacuum cleaner for your pet-inhabited home. A good tip is to write a list of your requirements (floor type, home size, storage options, budget, filtration preferences etc.) and then find options to fit in with your needs reading our well researched vaccum cleaner for pet hair reviews. Remember to groom your pets regularly to catch loose fur before it scatters all over your home, leaving you with extra clean-up and stress!