Bissell 33A1 Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum Review

If you are looking for a vacuum to clean debris and pet hair scattered around, then it goes without saying that you must use a machine that is capable of adjusting to different types floors automatically. Therefore, the mighty Pet Hair Eraser from Bissell vacuum for pet hair may be exactly what you need for your home. This is a versatile machine having quick and efficient vacuum cleaning feature with an adjustable nozzle made of rubber that can easily wrap around any of your furniture. Since the stairs, sofa and chairs are the hardest cleaning areas if you are using an upright or canister vacuum, Bissel came up with this model for pet lovers.

Furthermore, this unit works perfectly for cleaning upholstery, and this handheld vacuum machine works extremely efficiently on even the toughest pet hair and debris. This machine is designed for pet owners,and if you fall into that category, then you should keep on reading and see what the Bissel Corded Pet Hair Eraser has to offer for your home.

Product Description

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum is a convenient and powerful tool for cleaning up any mess. The name tends to suggest that this is a pet-hair specialist, but the truth is that the machine has plenty of suction power to tackle any major cleaning. With some extra elbow grease, you are able to pick fur and get rid of pet hair. It has a side exhaust which tends to blow away debris such as sawdust hence requiring more passes to clear debris. The device has a decent power supply, clear dirt container, and a HEPA filter. The mobility of this cleaner is limited by its power cord. The length of the cord is 16 feet which are still good enough for several tasks. It is a perfect choice for pet owners who want very less expensive vacuum cleaner under $200, but not quite effective for homeowners who would want to clean loose debris in cars and large surfaces.

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The Bissell 33A1 cleaner has two attachments for cleaning purposes. The first and the default one is the rubber nozzle, which is red in color, and it helps in removing pet hair. The second attachment is a hard nozzle, which is meant to remove debris and dirt on hard floors. Being a corded handheld vacuum machine for pet hair, its portability is limited by the length of the power cord. This unit comes with a 16-foot power cord which is generous enough but not to the extent to deal with big stairs. You will have to unplug and plug it several times to efficiently clean the stairs. This length is however sufficient for upholstery cleaning. There is a Velcro-Strap that enables you to store the power cord once you finish cleaning. The unit is fitted with a HEPA filter system which can be tapped regularly to clean it. The screen of this machine together with its dirt container can be easily washed with water.

A release lever has been included to separate the motor and the dirt container to make it easier to empty the contents. Before emptying the content into a trash bin, you should grasp the filter and remove it from the container. The filter has two separable sides. These are the HEPA filter and the screen. This cleaner is small in size and light with its dimensions being 10 by 8 by 5 inches while its weight is 4.2 pounds. Despite its small stature, it’s very powerful and you will feel the high torque as soon as you power it on. It guzzles a lot of air to create a strong cleaning suction. This comes with its own challenges as the exhaust air tend to interfere with the cleaning process by blowing away particles. To avoid this effect, you need to handle the cleaner carefully. This pet hair vacuum pulls 4 amps of power making it stronger than most other units in its range.


This pet hair eraser comes with a transparent dirt bin that enables you to easily monitor as the bin fills up. It also uses a HEPA filter with a screen that helps you monitor as dirt fills up the filters. The filters need to be cleaned once in a while to prevent clogging and enhance the performance of the cleaner. Even though these filters are expensive, they are quite beneficial in filtering the air. The machine can also work with OEM filters especially when you need to replace them. For better performance ensure that the filters are cleaned according to directions. It is recommended that you clean the dirt bin after every cleaning routine to ensure that there is maximum suction performance.
Another beneficial feature of this unit is the interchangeable nozzles.

The rubber contour nozzle and the hard nozzle are flexible and can be used interchangeably. This gives this unit a wide range of applications. They include cleaning of pet hair from carpets, furniture, stairs, and upholstery. The unit works in the same way a motorized rubber brush from higher-end models will do. The operation of this unit is quite simple due to its easy on & off switch and lightweight capabilities. For portability purposes, an easy-grip handle has been included. The cord-wrap system is a nice feature that enables simple storage and easier movements from room to room. A multilayer filtration system helps this unit to reduce allergens and keep the air clean.

Product Strengths

This unit measures less than 5 pounds making it light enough and less strenuous on your hand. It comes with a flexible rubber nozzle which is very useful for cleaning fur and other pet hairs from carpets, stairs, and upholstery. Apart from the rubber nozzle, there is also a hard nozzle which helps in cleaning tiles and hardwood floors. It can also be used on the bare floor. It has an ergonomic handle which makes it easy to use and gives it a nice look. The unit is quite affordable costing less than $50. The unit produces a strong suction thanks to its 4-amp power rating. This makes it a very convenient tool for cleaning the mess created by your pets. When it comes to filtration, this unit has a multi-layer filtration system which minimizes allergens and respiratory problems. The use of HEPA filters makes this cleaner a great choice.

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Product Shortcomings

One of the shortcomings of acquiring this unit is the short power cord it comes with. This cord limits its portability and takes longer time especially if you are cleaning a large surface. This unit may not work well with suede fabrics. It has a small dirt container that needs to be frequently emptied hence taking you longer to clean especially if there is a lot of pet hair to clean. The use of the cord for this cleaner means that you can only use it for spot cleaning, unlike the cordless vacuum cleaning options.

Due to high suction power, the air exhaust component as the tendency to blow away dirt. Therefore, you may need to go over the surfaces again. It doesn’t particularly work well with hard surfaces and may not sufficiently pick all the pet hair from these surfaces. It also struggles with large debris. The use of HEPA filters also mean you have to incur some additional costs periodically to operate this device.


The cleaner comes with a one-year warranty cover. Any defects in the product within the warranty period has tobe communicated to the manufacturer for further action. As long as the defects lie with the terms and conditions, you get a free service or replacement from Bissell. The Bissell company has authorized service centers across the world to enable you easily reach out to them in case you need repairs and replacement of parts.


In summary, here we have a unit that is focused on pet owners. Therefore, if you are struggling to keep up with all the fury hair on the floor from your pet, then you should consider investing in this vacuum. Stairs and upholstery are extremely difficult places to clean if you have pets, but with this reasonably priced pet hair vacuum, your pet hair problems are solved. Have in mind that this vacuum would not suit you if you are on the look-out for a unit that cleans large areas.

The reason is that this product comes with hard nozzle attachments that are narrow and intended to clean-up specific areas around the house rather than the whole floor surface. This Bissel vacuum performs perfectly and really does “erase” hair on pet carpets and rugs! One of its biggest selling points is the price, but you can rest assure that quality was not sacrificed for price with this unit.