Bissell Pet 1650A Hair Eraser Upright Bagless Pet Vacuum Cleaner Review

With Bissell upright vacuum cleaner, you can rest assure that primary emphasis is always high-quality product and with their latest Pet-Hair-Eraser vacuum units, you will receive something that is manufactured to clean up pet hair efficiently. The brilliant Tangle-Free brush roll element is built to prevent hair from engulfing over the motorized spinning brush. That way, you do not need any tools to unravel thick hair portions from the brush. In other words, the boring task of removing hair from the motorized brush is now eliminated.

Additionally, the innovative “Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System” works efficiently to separate dirt from hair by using pressured spooling for enhanced performance. On top of that, with the Cyclonic-Spooling technology, it will be extremely easy to empty the dirt/hair container. This is because the spooling system increases both the density and weight of the dirt which means that when you open the container, gravity kicks-in to pull down the dirt. Therefore, you won’t have to use your fingers to scrape out the dirt. If you are looking for a quality and efficient pet hair vacuum, then you should scroll down and see what the Bissell 1650A vacuum has to offer.

Product Description

The Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser is an upright vacuum cleaner that comes with some unique features. It has a great greenish design, sealed filtration system, several multi-use tools, height adjusting switch, and a powerful brush roll. This machine was developed by pet parents who understand the challenges of cleaning pet hair. This brush is able to deal with all kinds of pet hair and remove them wherever they are embedded using its specialized pet tools. It has a tangle-free brush roll that helps in capturing allergens. A smart seal Allergen system helps in eliminating odors while its cyclonic spooling system enables you to enjoy an empty hands-free tank after finishing. Other useful accessories include multiple controls for height and brush roll adjustments and the HEPA filtration system.

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The Bissell vacuum machine for pet hair is the perfect choice for handling lots of cleaning work related to pets and carpets. It comes with a bag and a decent 8.5-amp motor. This motor generates great suction and cleaning power. It has stiff bristles and a wide motorized brush whose width is 12 inches. One of its great features is the tangle-free brush roll. Cleaning the brush roll for most vacuum cleaners can be quite a headache, especially if the cleaner has been poorly designed or has less suction. Bissell has addressed this challenge by offering a tangle-free system that prevents the pet hairs from bundling up the brush.

The other feature is the cyclonic spooling system that separates the pet hair from dirt to reduce the cleaning mess. This system forces pet hairs to clump together and create one big ball. This clumped hair mass then easily falls off whenever the trap door is opened. This saves you the trouble of using your fingers to pick up the hair particles. The brush roll has been designed well to ensure an edge-to-edge spread of the suction and for maximum collection of dirt. The height of the nozzle can be adjusted to enable you to vacuum different types of floors.

The smart seal allergen feature gives this unit a fully sealed system which traps dander, pet hair, and allergens. This feature traps every fine dirt particles and has a Febreze odor eliminator that prevents bad odors from escaping through the exhaust. The Febreze filter should be replaced at least once per year because it is not washable. There is then the Quick Release Wand that enables you to clean raised areas like upholstery, vents, and stairs. There is an 8-foot hose that makes this unit somehow versatility but not as versatile as a canister vacuum.

The bagless vacuum unit comes with three tools that can be attached to the quick release wand. They include LED lighted crevice tool, 2-in-1 pet brush, and pet turbo erase tool. These tools help in removing stubborn stains, embedded pet hair, and track down dust in low light conditions. A swivel steering feature has also been added to enable you to maneuver easily around furniture. There is a 30-foot power cord that has power hooks at the back to facilitate easier storage of this machine. Generally, the features contained in this unit makes it a decent choice for cleaning medium and large size homes.


One of the benefits of buying the Bissell 1650A is that it has a motorized stiff bristled brush which enhances its cleaning performance, especially on carpets and may also be used as stick vacuum cleaner. The brush on and off feature also makes it a good tool for cleaning hard floors. Being a bagless unit, this cleaner eliminates the need to purchase paper bags. The cyclonic spooling technology is used to separate hair fibers from the rest of the dirt. There is a switch at the top that detaches the bin. A removable compartment featuring a capacity of 0.4 gallons makes it easy to remove and empty the bin. Maintaining the bin is not hard as it involves rinsing with water and allowing it to dry.

This unit is completely sealed to ensure there is complete filtration. The air that enters this unit’s nozzle will only exit through the vacuum after it has been filtered. This technology is enabled with SmartSeal Allergen vacuum system. The filtration process for this unit is referred to as multi-level filtration. There are two filters for achieving this objective. The first one is the pre-motor filter which has two layers of foam and filter. This filter can be replaced with the Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator. The other benefit is adjustability. This unit has a 5-level adjustment for height to enable you to get the best suction for your floor. The length of the power cord is long enough,and there is easier access to the belt mechanism and brush roll.

Product Strengths

This cleaner doesn’t coil on long hairs from dogs and cats. There are specialized tools that this unit uses to pick pet hair from upholstery. The unit is able to be worked as handheld vacuum cleaner and has a high-end filtration system that combines with tight seals to suck up dirt, pet fur, and dander. Moreover, this system doesn’t leave fine debris that may aggravate asthma or allergies. The cleaner head is quite maneuverable because of the swivel head feature. It has a broad head that is able to clean any area equally. Additionally, this cleaner can be used on both carpets and hard surfaces. Cleaning spots such as shelves, stairs, and drapes can be done with minimum efforts using this cleaner. The cleaner is solidly built and doesn’t require special tools to put it together.

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Product Shortcomings

The Bissell pet hair vacuum uses a Febreeze odor eliminator for filtration process. These filters are expensive and are quite hard to get when you need one for replacement. Even though it performs well in sucking up pet hair, the suction power is between low and average when you compare to other units in its range. The unit weighs 18 pounds and therefore, falls into the more bulkier vacuum category.


This unit carries a better warranty coverage than most other Bissell cleaners. A five-year warranty is one of the longest that Bissell has ever offered. A hotline is even included to enable you to ask questions or report any problem related to the unit.


The Bissel 1650A is one of the best vacuum cleaning unit within moderate price range of $500 on the market today although it is not perfect. However, with the Tangle-Free technology and the Spooling-System, this pet hair vacuum is designed to operate efficiently and deliver fantastic results. We all know how frustrating it is to clean a brush-roll that picks up a lot of hair but with the 1650A, cleaning the container is a breeze.

This unit has received excellent reviews and current owners are happy with its performance. Have in mind that huge-chunks of long hair may wrap around the brush,but it will be nowhere near as much as you will encounter in a vacuum that does not feature the spooling technology. This unit is built to pick up hair efficiently without having to deal with wrapped hair around the motorized brush. Furthermore, there is a hose included that helps to clean areas like upholstery. Overall, here is a fantastic, high-quality and efficient pet hair vacuum that won’t disappoint.