BISSELL PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop 19404 Review

Now is your opportunity to treat your hard floors and give them sanitized and shiny clean look using the Bissell vacuum machine for pet hair. This is one of the very few pet hair steam mops that made it to our countdown. The reason is that there are many pet hair steam mops on the market, but very few can master the combination of a pet hair cleaner and a steamer.

This stick vacuum unit features a built-in easy scrubber, fragrance disc and a microfiber pad. Moreover, it will work great on hard floor, and the best thing is that it sanitizes while it cleans. Therefore, if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for pet hair with a suction feature and cyclonic technology, then this product may not fit your needs. However, if you have pets that run and play around on hard floors, and you need a product that cleans and sanitizes, then you may want to consider this unit.

Product Description

The Bissell pet hair vacuum machine is a cleaning unit that uses a digital steam control to give your floors a shiny and sanitized clean. It has a flip down easy scrubber that helps in cleaning tough mess in a thorough way. Sticky and dried spots can be cleaned two times faster with this handheld vacuum cleaner due to the inbuilt Easy Scrubber. There are optional scent discs to give you a refreshing experience after cleaning. The most distinguishable features of this cleaner include the variable steam control, inbuilt easy scrubber, microfiber pad, and fragrance discs. There are other additional features such as the strain reliever handle, detachable water tank, quick release wrap, maneuverable swivel, and the low-profile cleaning mop.

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One of the best features of this Bissell pet hair erasing vacuum is the Odor Elimination Scent Discs. This feature neutralizes the odors that may have been caused by pets in your home. The steam mob has the capacity to sanitize and clean multiple surfaces including hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, and linoleum. It uses microfiber cleaning pad and easy scrubber system to lift stains and dirt spots on the floor. As a standard, this pet hair cleaner will have variable digital control, washable microfiber, and fragrance discs. Its handle is composed of the handlebar and a specially designed aluminum rod.

This design includes a rugged rubber grip to give you a firm hold while using the steam mop cleaner. The rubber grip is attached at an angle to the aluminum rod. This ensures less strain is applied to your wrist. A quick release cord makes it possible to unwind the power cord while you clean. The length of the cord is 23 feet,and this makes it easy to move away from the power source as you unwind the cord. At the top section of the main body, there is a removable water tank whose capacity is 15 ounces. This tank holds the water required during cleaning and has enough capacity to facilitate an hour of continuous cleaning. Once the water runs out, you just need to remove the tank, refill it, and then replace it.

The other key feature of this pet hair vacuum unit is the variable steam control. This control feature helps you to get the cleaning that suits your needs with its three steam settings. The low, medium and high settings can be selected with a push of a button located at the front facing part. The low steam level can be used to clean fresh spills of low viscosity liquids like fruit juice, coffee, tea, and ink. The medium steam level helps in cleaning high viscosity liquids like mud, fruit jam, jelly, soup, porridge, ice cream, and mayonnaise. The high steam settings remove stubborn stains.

An easy-to-use scrubber has been attached at the back of this unit to enable you to achieve deep-clean crevices and scrubbing of stubborn stains. When required, the scrubber is lowered to be at the same level with the head using an inbuilt mechanism within the mop’s head. The mop head helps in shortening the cleaning times by covering a larger surface area. It has a recessed grove which can be used to hold the detachable mop pad during the cleaning operation. There are then the Microfiber mop pads that are washable and detachable. These pads have been made from special materials that don’t adhere to stains and dirt. This makes it easy to wash and use them repeatedly. Moreover, this unit includes fragrance discs and these discs produce sweet flowery scent during and after the cleaning process.


The Bissell Powerfresh 19404 cleaner can be used for different scrubbing levels because of its two microfiber pads. These pads are easy to use, are washable, and reusable. They just require being firmly tied to the mop using an elastic band with no further position adjustments needed. In case the pads fail to remove stubborn stains, there is the Easy-Scrubber tool to do so. This tool provides additional scrubbing in a matter of seconds. It is quite helpful on surfaces like stone, tiles, marble, linoleum, vinyl, and similar floors. The steam strength of this cleaner can be varied to fit the present need.

There is a SmartSet digital control with three settings to achieve this objective. The stronger setting allows for faster operation of the mop while the lower setting allows for prolonged usage making it to be quick and efficient vacuum machine. The water tank can be removed, refilled, and reattached to the mop quickly without interrupting the process. The scent produced by this unit’s fragrance discs is not overwhelming. Therefore, it is a convenient solution for people who are sensitive to scents. This device may not clean according to the EPA certified standards but will get your job done thoroughly. Considering the fact that it is extremely budget-friendly vacuum cleaning machine under $200,  it is a great product for any user.

Product Strengths

This quality steam mop cleaning unit comes with a number of great features that enable it to clean grout and crevices quite effectively. Assembling the unit is not complicated and will be done in few minutes with the help of a screwdriver. It is quite affordable and performs well. The steam heating process is fast as well as the cleaning process. The removable water tank makes it easy to refill the water and continue with the moping exercise. Its capacity to deal with stubborn stains and grouts without leaving any residues is quite impressive. This machine can be used for different floor types including hard tiles and hardwood floors. It has a long cord to minimize the number of stoppages while at the same time it is light enough to move around with.

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Product Shortcomings

One of the main issues you have to deal with while using this cleaner is the effect of steam on unsealed hardwood floors. Steam has potentially detrimental effects and it is good to test to ensure that your sensitive surfaces won’t be damaged by this appliance. The unit works well with laminate and hardwood floors that have been certified for mops and steam vacuums. The other thing is that high-steam setting has the potential to penetrate wood and may cause warping. It is therefore important to exercise some level of care to minimize the dangers posed by this mop.


This great product comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty gives you certain legal rights with some exceptions and exclusions spelled out in the warranty agreement. Within the two years, the manufacturer is willing to replace any defective unit or malfunctioning parts.


As mentioned above, this product is not going to suck-up dirt and hair from your carpet. However, this mop works great in houses with hard floor, and it does a great job of cleaning dirt and pet hair on floors. It is extremely easy to maneuver this unit by holding the rugged rubber grip for a firm hold. Additionally, the cord is long enough (23 feet) for medium-large sized houses without the need to unplug and find a new power source. Moreover, the variable steam control allows you to adjust the cleaning settings, ranging from low to high, depending on the type of floor you are cleaning. On top of that, you will get a 2-year warranty that makes this a risk-free investment for you.