Coredy Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Just when you thought you had seen it all, the Coredy enters the market. This is a robot vacuum cleaner that sweeps, vacuums and mops your entire home on autopilot.  This unit features an impressive slim design and is capable of reaching the lower and hard-to-clean spaces for best possible cleaning. Moreover, equipped with a state of the art dual anti-collision feature that ensures that children, pets, and corners are safe.

Additionally, it comes with a bumper and 12 infrared sensors that kick in if there are any pressure changes. This is a battery powered vacuum that lasts for around 110 minutes on a full battery. Once it is about to run out of batteries, it automatically returns to the home dock to charge. If you are looking for an efficient robot vacuum to clean, sweep and vacuum pet hair around the house, you should seriously consider the Coredy Robotic Vacuum.

Product Description

This is an quick and efficient vacuum cleaner from Coredy that has the capability to clean an entire house using multiple operation functions. Some of these functions include sweeping, vacuuming, dry mopping, and wet mopping. This robotic cleaner has what it takes to tackle different floor types including hardwood, carpets, hard floor, and rugs. It can detect dust, mites, and allergens. This cleaner can capture all the pet hair available within your cleaning space. It comes with preset settings which enables you to set cleaning schedules for your cleaner for up to 7 days of the week. A self-recharging mechanism allows the machine to recharge itself. The cleaner will, therefore, be ready to handle your cleaning tasks at all times. It has a high performing suction capability which is relatively higher than most other robotic cleaners. The vacuum is equipped with an innovative smart motion feature that enables you to avoid falls during the cleaning process.

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This cleaner has been designed with intelligent features to be able to navigate and thoroughly clean the entire home level. It is a multifunctional cleaner that cleans, mops, sweeps, and vacuums various home environments. It has an auto-lift cleaning head that automatically adapts its height to keep brushes and floor surfaces in close contact. This ensures seamless and effective cleaning of the hard floor, medium-pile carpets, rugs, and transparent glass ground. This sweeping robotic vacuum cleaner for pet hair has 5 cleaning modes for a powerful and extremely quiet cleaning experience.

The first one is the AUTO pet hair cleaning method that provides superb cleaning experience with extremely low noise. The second is the dual EDGE sweeping mode which is ideal for sweeping dirt elements along the walls. There is then the SPOT cleaning mode which recognizes areas concentrated with dirt in a much faster way and provide targeted and intense cleaning in those areas. The other one is the MAX vacuuming mode which increases the vacuum power to about 1400PA for deeper cleaning. The last one is the WET/DRY mopping mode which is meant to achieve the best cleaning results.

The Coredy vacuum cleaner features a unique rubber roller v-shaped brush that includes a tangle-free technology that has been patented and a high-efficiency filter. These features enable it to capture 99 percent of mites, dust, and allergens. Its capacity to capture elements that are as little as 10 microns and help to keep your home and air clean. It is an ideal tool for picking up pet fur, hair, and debris without tangling like a bristle roller brush does. The rubber roller feature is easy to clean and isn’t affected by the issues of fur clinging to the brushes. This robotic cleaner has a smart motion navigation system that combines pressure-sensitive soft bumper and 12 infrared sensors for maximum efficiency.

This feature protects your unit from marks and scratches during cleaning. The robot is designed to automatically slow-down once close to objects and touches obstacles in a gentle way to protect your robot as well as the walls, furniture, and other household items. There is also the drop sensor technology that protects the cleaner from falling down the stairs or off any edges. There is a clean button that can be pressed to auto start the cleaning process. You can also use the included remote to schedule the cleaning tasks for all the 7 days of the week.


This unit has 5 cleaning modes that have been designed to handle multiple family environments. The wet/dry cleaning, auto cleaning, spot cleaning, edge cleaning, and max vacuuming cleaning modes will ensure your home is completely cleaned. The machine cleans easily with a simple press of a button. This button automatically starts the machine and adjusts it to various floor surfaces. It helps to clean your carpets, hard floor, and rugs more effectively as it moves through your house. It has an ultra-thin profile of just 2.7 inches to be able to reach areas where dust and dirt hide. It also makes it easier to navigate around sofas, furniture, under the beds, and other difficult areas. The deep clean provided by this cleaner is 30 percent more powerful than its competitors.

An enhanced anti-collision system is provided by this cleaner’s pressure-sensitive bumper combined with 12 infrared sensors. This protects your cleaner and cleaned objects from scratches. The drop sensor technology makes it possible to clean with care. There are drop-sensing and smart motion cleaning options that help with navigation. The good thing about this cleaner is that automatically recharges itself whenever the power level drops. This ensures that the device is always charged and ready to clean. The inclusion of the remote control makes it possible to clean while relaxing on the couch. Just use it to control the robot’s cleaning path as well as its cleaning time.

Product Strengths

This product comes with a unique rubber roller brush that is V-shaped and uses the tangle-free technology and is one of the ideal vacuum cleaners for pet hair on carpet. This ensures convenient and tangle-free picking of pet fur, hair, and debris. The unit comes with large climbing wheels and powerful suction that enables easier and thorough cleaning of carpets and hard floors. The capacity of the Coredy cleaner is 300ml which is good enough for floor mop cleaning. There is a spacious 550ml dust box included so that you don’t have to be constantly emptying the container. The air filtration system is of high efficiency and this helps in filtering a range of particles associated with home pets. Its battery capacity is 2600MAH which is strong enough to cover 110 minutes of non-stop cleaning when fully charged. A single charge is therefore sufficient to cover a large room or even multiple rooms in your home.

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Product Shortcomings

The high suction power associated with the coredy robotic vacuum model means that it can easily hit obstacles and break some of the parts like brushes and arms. To effectively use this cleaner, you need to move items off the surface and this can be quite daunting. The machine responds well to instructions such as changing direction when the arrow is pushed. The problem comes in that you have to keep holding the arrow or else it returns to its previous path. It may not be such a big issue if you are monitoring the cleaning process.


Coredy offers you a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months when you buy this unit. In addition, you also get a money-back guarantee period of 30 days within which you can return the product and get a full refund.


Although Coredy is not the biggest shark on the market, they were able to deliver high-end robotic vacuum to the public. It is a powerful vacuum that works extremely efficiently on all kinds of floors and current owners are extremely happy how effective this machine is to pick up pet hair and other tough debris from the floor. This unit is an excellent solution if you are looking for an automatic, reasonably priced vacuum cleaners while you are away. Additionally, the unit is backed-up by a 1-year warranty and the best part is that you can try it for 30 days and if you do not like it, you can return it for a full, no-questions-asked refund.