Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum Review

The renovated Dyson v6 is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner for pet hair that comes with fantastic features that you will not find in other vacuums in this price range. Have in mind that the Dyson v6 has significantly dropped in price and therefore, now is the best time to grab this high-quality pet hair vacuum before it is too late. The reason for the lower price is not that quality has been compromised for the price but because the Dyson production team have completely redesigned the model with efficiency and top-notch performance in mind.

This unit is a cordless cyclonic vacuum that is extremely lightweight with the combined weight of around 4.6 pounds for the dustbin, motor,and cyclones. Of course, with every accessory that you add, you get more weight. However, even if you only use the floor cleaning nozzle and the extension wand, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that it is extremely portable and lightweight. Additionally, every accessory is easy to attach,and with just a touch of a button, you will be able to switch between different feature. Scroll down for more information about the fantastic Dyson V6 vacuum.

Product Description

The Dyson pet hair vacuum is a sleek silver, red, and blue vacuum cleaner that has two separate heads. The first head is the soft roller that has been designed to handle hardwood floors and enables suctioning of both larger debris and fine dust. The second option is the direct-drive cleaner head which is designed to clean carpets and has the ability to reach between carpet bristles. This cleaner is equipped with a digital V6 motor and two-tier radial cyclones. It has a wide motorized head that provides uncompromised coverage for your floors and carpets. The cleaning performance of this unit is similar to that of the larger Dyson cleaners only that it is portable, small and has a cordless body.

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The Dyson V6 is a modern-looking gadget packed with a number of fantastic features and design tweaks. One such feature is the power button. This pet hair vacuum cleaner comes with a power trigger as opposed to the small, simple buttons presented by its competitors. This trigger helps in extending the battery life by ensuring that there is no unnecessary energy waste. This battery is sufficient enough to achieve several sweeps of a moderate-sized house. Generally, this cleaner is ideal for small households and can be used as a secondary cleaner for top-up cleanups. It has a sleek design and a small capacity cup that is able to hold 0.4 liters of dust. The small capacity helps in making this unit lightweight and easy to use. You can easily reach tight corners and ceiling areas without straining your hand.

The other feature that comes with this cleaner is the motorized cleaning head. This head is good for normal carpets that require more power. There is a non-motorised option in addition to the Bristol extension and crevice tool for handling more delicate areas. The vacuum cleaning machine has a wall-mounted docking station which can be screwed into the wall for storing and charging the vacuum. The dock is able to hold two cleaning attachments which make it possible to charge the battery in between cleans.

The Dyson V6 cleaner is highly rated stick vacuum among several others with features such as crevice tool and combination tool to enable you to reach narrow spaces and tight corners. The combination tool converts the nozzle into a brush to give it the cleaning versatility required to deal with small debris and dust. This unit can be transformed into a handheld vacuum to reach down below, up top, and in between surfaces. A detachable long-reach wand, low profile heads, and swivel neck have been integrated into this unit to enable easier cleaning.

The V6 motor is able to spin up to 110,000 rpm to generate exemplary suction power. It has a balanced and lightweight design that enables it clean walls and ceilings in the same way you can clean floors. The battery charges in about three-and-half hours and this get you about 20 minutes of fade-free cordless cleaning power. If you need to empty the bin, there is a one push button that enables quick release of the dirt and it can also be used as handheld vacuum cleaner. The wand can be quickly detached to create a handheld mode for easier cleaning. The packaging box contains the Dyson V6 cleaner, a motorized cleaner head, a docking station, a crevice tool, and a combination tool.


The Dyson V6 is a compact vacuum cleaner for around $200 with strong performance capabilities. The power generated by its 110,000 rpm is comparable to that of a conventional cabled vacuum. This unit gives you outstanding power considering that it is just a cordless unit. The cleaner has Max-Boost button which makes cleaning a breeze by enabling the V6 motor to achieve top speeds. The handheld design of this unit makes it possible to clean down tough places like the back of a sofa, nooks and car crannies. Its compact body can be easily positioned in confined spaces to enable you to reach underneath and in between areas with the help of the crevice tool. Being a cordless vacuum cleaner, the Dyson V6 cleaner is quite convenient and helps you clean in a different way. It enables you to do quick spot cleans on a regular basis rather than wait to do a big comprehensive clean every week.

Since it isn’t tethered to a socket, you are able to take less time to do your cleaning work. There is also less back-bending and are light to use. It can typically clean stairs in a versatile way and minimize issues of back problems. This unit helps you capture microscopic dirt by using the 2 tier radial cyclones to create a very strong centrifugal force. The good thing is that it has two power modes to enable you to choose between a Max-Mode (for high power) and the Power-Modefor extended cleaning experience.

Product Strengths

The Dyson V6 works pretty well in picking up pet hair among other cleaning tasks. It is lightweight and gives you a strain-free cleaning experience. The small weight makes it a convenient option for daily cleaning tasks. Being a cordless unit, you will be able to maneuver around with it easily. Its low profile and the swivel head makes it easy to maneuver even in tight spaces. The use of the power trigger makes it possible to save energy and extend the running time for this machine. It also comes with a powerful suction that makes it possible to clean hardwood and even tile floors. It is a convenient way of achieving good and versatile cleaning options for your house.

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Product Shortcomings

A good cordless clean comes at a price,and the Dyson V6 vacuum is not an exception and this unit is not budget-friendly. However, as with everything, quality comes with a price and this vacuum is top-notch quality product. Additionally, there have been some complaints about the shag carpeting being caught inside the cleaner’s bristles. The battery lasts about 20 minutes,and this can be frustrating if you need to clean a large house. Moreover, the dirt cup is small and requires you to keep emptying the cup if the levels of dirt are high.

This unit comes with a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer and is as comparable in performance as other pet hair vacuum cleaning units around $500. This warranty covers you against any original defects in the workmanship and materials. All the labor and part replacement costs will be taken care of by the manufacturer during the warranty period. You are also given an opportunity to register as the owner of the machine to enable easier communication with the Dyson V6 production team.


Overall, this is a High-Quality Dyson vacuum that includes everything you need for effective hair/dirt cleaning. This unit is one of the best stick vacuums on the market today. Dyson is always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competence,and sometimes it results in a higher price tag. However, with the recent developments, Dyson has manufactured a unit that includes the same features as in high-end vacuums but for a fraction of the cost and without sacrificing quality for price. Therefore, it is easy to recommend the Dyson v6 for those who are looking for a stick vacuum with tons of features.