Eureka AS3352A Ultimate Clean Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Eureka has been in the vacuum market for quite some time, and they do know exactly what it takes to stay one step ahead of the competence. This vacuum is designed to deep clean your home by ensuring that your home is pet-hair free by using the latest deep cleaning and powerful suction technology. It comes with a brush roll that works efficiently on all floor types,and this unit is one of the best deep-cleaning machine on the market today.

Moreover, with the brush roll the pet hair and dirt won’t wrap around the brush,and therefore, the roll stays clean and you won’t need any tools to unwrap the hair. Then, once you are done cleaning, you just empty the dust cup to the trash. Have a look at the Eureka Ultimate if you are looking for to buy an upright pet hair vacuum cleaning product that takes floor cleaning to a completely new level.

Product Description

The Eureka bagless upright vacuum cleaner with automatic cord rewind and tangle-free brush roll is an ideal product among several other machines in the line. It has wide tubes that enable the flow of high amounts of air to generate a powerful suction and achieve maximum deep cleaning. The brush roll can be turned on and off depending on the surface being cleaned. It comes with four main tools to help you clean every section of your home with lots of ease. They are crevice tool, extension wand, dusting brush, and pet power paw. The extension wand helps to reach hard angles within the house. The machine comes with a 27 feet power cord and an automatic rewind button for easier storage. To maintain the high cleaning standards for your home, an Allergen washable filter has been included. For the extra performance of this machine, there is an extra-large dust cup.

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This bagless vacuum cleaner has a set of interesting features. To start with it, the machine comes with a tall brush head measuring 4.5 inches. Apart from the favorite max brown color option, you can choose various other colors for this machine. They include metallic copper, red, purple, and orange. A large capacity dust cup has been included which is able to hold 1.8 liters of dirt. There is a big red button for powering the machine. Most section of the dustbin is transparent to enable you to monitor how dirt fills up to be able to clear it once it reaches the maximum mark. There is a cap at the bottom end that can be used to flip open the dustbin so as to empty its contents. At the top, there is also a cap that can be popped up to reveal the washable filters. This helps you to monitor when the filters require being cleaned or replaced.

A clear window has been provided at the front end of the machine to enable you to watch how the brush roll turn. A large grey knob gives you four carpet settings to choose from. These are low setting, high setting, and two in-between settings. One of the settings is ideal for bare floor and carpet cleaning. There is another big grey button that allows you to turn on and off the brush roll depending on whether you are handling hardwood floors, carpeted or bare floors.

The other feature you will find helpful in this machine is the foot-controlled power button. This button is located at the back and it controls a large piece of circular plastic where the 27-foot power cord usually retracts. The hose is draped onto a little shelf. The one side of this shelf feeds directly into the wand while the other side consists of a selector knob that directs you to the dust cap. A large round knob is provided to help you choose between floor and tools depending on your pet hair vacuum cleaning machine preferences. A gray level is also located at the brush head’s back that allows you to rock the handle by tapping your foot.

The other included features are the crevice tool, pet power paw tool, and a dusting brush. This pet hair vacuum machine has room to accommodate one of these tools at a time. Cleaning with this machine is not a difficult process. The same case applies to the maintenance process. The suction seal in this unit will enable you to work hard with the machine and after work you can immediately prepare it for the next assignment. There is a brush roll clean feature that lowers into bristles to enable you to handle pet hair removal in an efficient way. With this feature, you just need to turn this upright vacuum machine on, spin the brush roll, and then step on the power button to slice any entangled pet hair off the clumps. The vacuum suction then pulls the sliced pet hair into the dustbin.


There are a number of benefits that may encourage you to buy the Eureka vacuum cleaner. To begin with, this machine offers you special fur-removal tools. The pet power paw feature, for instance, helps to get rid of allergens at fur. It has a no tangle feature which works quite well in de-furring the pet tree in your home. Cutting with this machine has been made easier with the help of a lever on the brush head’s side. This lever can be held down for several seconds as the machine is running to cut any trapped hairs. The cut hair is then sucked into the dust cup. This is a handy feature to have with your vacuum cleaner. For allergen removal, there is an Arm & Hammer filter that works in the same way as the sealed allergen system in the more sophisticated vacuum cleaners.

There are several buttons that make the operation of this unit a breeze. For instance, when you want to empty the dustbin, there is a button for release and also there is a handle to carry it. There is also a button at the bottom to help you release the contents of the dustbin into the trash collection area. To remove the lid on the filters, there is a tab located at the top of the cup. This tab helps you pull out the filters as well as the screen for cleaning purposes. The layout of this bangless vacuum cleaning machine makes it easy to disassemble and reassemble it. An included arrow helps you visualize how the various components of the cleaner need to be lined up.

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Product Shortcomings

This bagless vacuum cleaning machines comes with many buttons and sometimes it may confuse you which button needs to be pressed at a particular time. It is quite easy to find yourself forgetting to switch between the various settings as you move from one-floor surface to the other. This can be quite annoying, especially if you discover it late and you have to go back and set the right settings to effectively clean the surface. The cord retracts button is a great feature for easier maneuverability although the cord itself buck to some extent. There are times the cord fails to retract and this means you have to wiggle it as you move around. It is therefore important to ensure the cleaning path is free from any potential obstacles. This unit lacks modern maneuverability features like self-propulsion and swivel handle.


As discussed above, there are numerous benefits of investing in the Eureka AS3352A vacuum, and for pet owners, this machine is a dream. It comes with everything you need in order to keep the floors in your home pet-hair free and clean. For example, the brilliant fur-removal tools work like magic on any floor type. Not to mention the fantastic No-Tangle feature that makes it a breeze to clean-up the vacuum after use.  Additionally, the lever operates efficiently to cut chunks of hair from the floor. Therefore, packed with all these great features, the Eureka AS3352A is a multi-functional pet hair vacuum that is designed with quality and efficiency in mind.