Eureka NEU562A FloorRover Versatile Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Eureka Floor-Rover is an all-around upright vacuum cleaning machine for pet hair that does not use any bag. Therefore, it is a superb element to virtually any house-hold. Moreover, Eureka claims that this unit is their most powerful vacuum that they have ever made. Although it is extremely powerful with strong suction, it is yet very quiet in operation. There is also a swivel wheel that allows you to easily maneuver around challenging corners and furniture.

Thanks to its powerful motor and strong suction, this is ideal vacuum machine for pet owners under $200 who want to get rid of pet hair from any type of floors.  Additionally, it is extremely easy to clean the vacuum after use by just emptying the dust cup into the trash with a push of a button. Keep on reading to find out if the Eureka Floor-Rover is the perfect match to a pet-home.

Product Description

As mentioned above, the Eureka FloorRover Upright Cleaner is the most powerful vacuum from the Eureka group of products. It comes with a multi-stage cyclone system and HEPA filters. The cyclone system separates large and small sized particles to provide a continuous powerful suction. The HEPA filter captures up to 99.97 percent of allergens and dirt. The unit has swivel steering and easy-glide wheels for easy maneuverability. Some of its onboard tools include an upholstery tool, soft dusting brush, 2-in-1 upholstery tool, flexible crevice tool, and pet tool. It gives you maximum flexibility for vacuum cleaning of pet hair on carpet, tile surfaces, wood floors, upholstery, deep pile rugs, and vehicle interiors. A 35-foot power cord is long enough to enable cleaning of the entire house from the same power outlet.

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This pet hair vacuum cleaner has a great design and a range of features that make cleaning easier. Some of these features include easy glide wheels, ergonomic handle, swivel steering, multi-stage cycle system, and on board accessories. These features enable this machine to tackle surfaces ranging from delicate fabric curtains to deep-pile rugs. The easy glide technology allows the machine’s big wheels to easily glide over the various floor surfaces. These wheels dominate any floor surface and transitions easily between floors, rugs, and carpets. One of its on board accessories is the pet turbo brush. This brush removes dander and pet hair from bedding, upholstery, floors, and stairs.

The brush has been designed with unique self-adjusting turbo blades that can spin and pick pet hair in a much better way than its competitors. An advanced swivel steering system has been included to make it easier to navigate with the vacuum cleaner around. The swivel uses the latest technology to easily get around the furniture and house corners. It has been redefined to make maneuverability around obstacles much easier. With this vacuum cleaning machine for pet hair, you can easily navigate throughout your home and avoid knocking pets, and furniture. The engineering technology behind this cleaner enables easier steering even when it is in its upright full size.

The Eureka NEU562A bagless upright vacuum cleaner comes with easy-clean large dust cup whose capacity is 1.6 liters and saves you the regular costs of replacing bags. There is a multi-stage cyclone that separates large and small particles. This separation prevents the loss of suction even when the dust cup is full. It has a strong suction power that makes it easy to clean different surfaces of dust and embedded dirt. This includes the thick deep carpets.

Its no suction loss capabilities ensure consistent cleaning all through. It also comes with easy to clean washable filters that saves maintenance costs of vacuum cleaner. The filters can be easily removed and cleaned using cool water to ensure optimal performance. The use of HEPA filters means that you can capture 99.97 percent of dirt and other small-sized dust components. You can capture minute allergens of size 0.3 microns using this cleaner. These filters are easy to clean and reusable. The unique design of its ergonomic handle makes it fit like a glove to any hand. There is a button that speeds up the brush-spin and allows more thorough cleaning on delicate surfaces.


This upright vacuum cleaner comes with a LED light that illuminates the underneath surfaces and helps you achieve a more complete clean even in dark spots. In terms of mobility, this machine is easy to move, and it has helped many users overcome back pain problems associated with vacuuming. It is a full-size vacuum measuring 16.75 pounds although during operation it feels much lighter and something close to non-full size. As indicated, it is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners from the Eureka brand with a very powerful suction. The strong suction power helps to clean all the surfaces in a much easier way. This suction remains consistent throughout the cleaning process thanks to the multi-stage cyclone system.

This cleaner sucks up pet hair using its pet turbo brush. Whether you are handling carpets, stairs or upholstery, this cleaner does exactly like advertised. There is a slider on the brush that enables you to reduce the suction power when handling delicate fabrics to minimize potential damages. It also comes with three additional accessories to enhance your cleaning experience. One of this tool is the soft dusting brush which handles the delicate fabric and upholstery. The other one is the 2-in-1 upholstery tool for cleaning lint and hair from curtains and fabrics. The third tool is the 16-inch crevice which can be attached to the 12-foot hose to facilitate easier cleaning of all sections of your home.

Product Strengths

This is the best bagless vacuum cleaner for pet hair can be quickly assembled with only one screw required to stick the handle onto its body. The location of the on and off switch on the right side makes it easily accessible. Despite the strong suction power, this unit is relatively quieter than most other units on the market. It does its cleaning work perfectly well and can vacuum the entire living room in a very short time. The inclusion of a hose with attachments makes this unit a perfect choice for handling smaller vacuuming jobs. It does a great pet carpet cleaning job for hair removal, and floors as well. The unit itself can also be easily cleaned.

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Product Shortcomings

This unit weighs close to 17 pounds and this is quite heavy for most users. Its large size also makes it a bit difficult to clean areas covered by furniture. It would have been better if this unit was able to move under household appliances to pick embedded dirt. It is also limited in terms of picking large items. For small dirt components on the hard floors, it does a very good job but the same can’t be said about the large dirt components. The front shield, for instance, makes it hard to pick popcorn droppings on the floor. There have been some complaints about the awkward placement of tools. These complaints also cover the aspect of misplacing certain parts during shipment. The assembly instructions are not quite conclusive and may give you challenges especially if you want to disassemble the unit.


The cleaner comes with a generous 5-year warranty cover from the date of purchase. Within the warranty period, Eureka takes responsibility for any defects and breakages during the normal use of the product.


All in all, this Floor-Rover from Eureka has been getting excellent reviews from happy customers that are impressed with the powerful suction and the versatility of the bagless vacuum cleaner. With such a strong suction, it works extremely well on tough debris and dirt. Moreover, its outstanding ability to pick up hard-to-get pet hair is what makes this vacuum stand out from the rest. Apart from that, it is very easy to clean and very easy to maneuver around hard-to-reach areas, and you will be pleasantly surprised how quiet it is in operation, despite the powerful suction.