Hoover UH30310 T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Upright Review

If you are looking for a powerful tool that is capable of doing extremely efficient vacuum cleaning for pet hair, then you should keep on reading and learn more about the brilliant Hoover UH30310 T-Series. This unit is packed with amazing features, such as the Wind-Tunnel technology that allows the vacuum to reach deep-seated debris and dirt from the surface. Moreover, the Clean-Drop Bag feature ensures that with just a push of a button, the dirty-bag drops right into the trash without you having to get your hands dirty.

Additionally, the 5 Position Carpet Height Adjustment allows you to adjust the vacuum according to the floor that you are cleaning. On top of that, a Pet Upholstery Tool is included that comes with rubber wipers that are designed to remove pet hair from furniture. In other words, it does not matter if you are looking for a vacuum to deep clean your home, or to keep your home pet-hair-free, the Hoover UH30310 comes with everything you need.

Product Description

Life can get a little messy and a vacuum cleaner can be a useful tool for helping you clean some of the mess around the house. From upholstery to rugs, a powerful vacuum combines the power of maneuverability and design to give you some of the best cleaning approaches. The Hoover WindTunnel UH30310 model is an upright pet bagged vacuum cleaner that has a powerful suction, is light, and easy to maintain. The machine is reasonably priced, making it a good choice to give you value for money. It comes with top features and a number of added devices that gives it great cleaning capabilities. Some users think that the machine is too loud and that it has too much plastic in its construction. This notwithstanding, the Hoover WindTunnel T-series model removes embedded dirt in your home and minimizes scattering and blow back effects on your carpet.

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This Hoover vacuum cleaning model for pet hair weighs about 21 pounds and it gets its power from a 12-amp motor. The machine uses the Hoovers WindTunnel technology, a system that efficiently lifts and traps dirt. This technology makes use of 3 distinct air channels to enable efficient lifting and trapping of dirt while at the same time it ensures limited scattering. The Hoover brand has included the patented Clean-Drop Bags system to help in limiting your exposure to dust when removing or disposing of the vacuum bags. This system allows you to lift and remove the bags without touching them. There is a one-touch door release feature that enables easier and faster access to the bags while they are still attached to the door.

This one-touch mechanism releases them and drops the dirt directly into the trash can. With this stick vacuum cleaning tool, therefore, you don’t have to touch the bag in any way with the help of a single button push. There is a bag-check indicator that shows you when it is time to change the bag. The indicator turns red when the bag gets full or when there is an obstruction in the airflow. The bags in this unit uses the HEPA level filtration. These activated carbon media bag filters enable trapping 99.9 percent of pollen and dust. The bag utilizes the turned on carbon to absorb family pet odors and get rid of pollen and allergen.

This vacuum cleaning tool has been designed for bare floors and carpets an On/Off brush roll button to enable easier transition between the two surfaces. The carpet takes advantage of the turned on brush roll feature to achieve deep cleans while the hard surface requires it to be turned off. When using other tools and attachments, it is important to turn the brush roll feature off. A convenient foot pedal has been included to allow easier operation of the brush roll feature. A height adjustment knob helps in setting the brush roll height to 5 different positions. These adjustments give you optimal cleaning distance to enable you easily and efficiently clean different flooring types.

There is easy access to the brush roll and belt features to minimize any cleaning complications. Two levers have been included to help in exposing these features. The length of the power cord is 30 feet which are good enough for extending from room-to-room without going through the unplugging hassle. There is a clip that helps you handle the Hoover while vacuuming. The inclusion of a deluxe stretch hose whose length is 12-foot provides you an instant extended reach. This pet hair vacuum machine includes other features such as a crevice tool, extension wand, air-powered hand tool, and a combined upholstery & dusting brush.


The Hoover WindTunnel UH30310 cleaner combines sleek design and simple-to-use superior cleaning power at a very affordable priced in vacuum machines on the market. It gives you a variety of intuitive features for the effective cleaning process. They include fingertip controls, cord clip, height adjustment knob, and air-powered hand tool. These tools work together to enable convenient cleaning of the tough-to-reach areas. This unit requires minimal cleaning and maintenance procedures. Its Pet Bagged Upright feature has a bag that is made from Activated Carbon HEPA medium. This construction is very beneficial as it reduces pet odors. You can also dispose of a full bag without having any contact with it due to the use of the Clean Drop System.

Two pet dog hair devices have been included in this unit for efficient cleaning of dog hair. These are the Pet Furniture Device and the Animal Hand Tool. It is also a good tool for cleaning upstairs. The animal hand tool uses rubber wipers to pick pet hair from upholstery. On top of these features, you enjoy five height modifications with this unit to cover various floor types and different carpeting lengths. The inclusion of front lights helps in brightening the dark areas. Another feature of benefit in this machine is the thermal protection shutoff feature. This feature shuts off the motor whenever there is overheating to protect it from burning out. Once it shuts off, you will have to give it 30 minutes to sufficiently cool before restarting the system.

Product Strengths

This cleaner has a strong suction and is extremely reasonably priced. It is not too heavy and has several attachments that make it easy to maneuver. Its pet and dog hair removal devices function pretty well to give it excellent animal hair extraction capabilities. It is lightweight and comes with a long power cord. In terms of installation, it is easy to set up and also easy to maintain. Lastly, it contains a clean drop bag system which keeps dust and particles away from you during cleaning.

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Product Shortcomings

This unit has some considerable amount of plastic in its body, and this makes it look less durable. The is also the issue of the power cord which exits the system at the bottom end of the vacuum. Users have also complained about the short hose and the fact that the pipe doesn’t expand sufficiently enough to allow for convenient cleaning. Cleaning under reduced furnishings can be quite difficult because this unit doesn’t flex down well to a straight position.


This begged upright windtunnel cleaner comes with a two-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. During this warranty period, Hoover provides all parts and labor required to correct any defects at no extra cost. To be able to enjoy this warranty, you need to ensure the machine is used and maintained according to the owner’s manual. The manual can be accessed online from the manufacturer’s website. There are also online videos to help you learn the assembly, maintenance, and operation procedures.


If you take into account all the advantages and disadvantages, this Hoover Wind-Tunnel is one of the best you can get your hands on. It simply makes the cleaning process extremely easy and effective. Having said that, if you are looking for a budget-friendly vacuum that is capable of performing deep cleaning and take out huge chunks of pet hair, then you should seriously consider this model.Additionally, Hoover stands by their products 100%,and you will enjoy a 2-year warranty that makes this a hassle-free deal.