Shark Navigator NV42 Deluxe Upright Vacuum Review

Although this is not the most portable pet hair vacuum from Shark in our countdown, it surely does exactly what it says on the tin.  This unit features a brilliant cyclonic technology that ensures no loss of suction. Additionally, it is equipped with a powerful 1200-watt motor, 25ft power cord, 12 ft deluxe stretch hose and 11-inch cleaning path. Moreover, it comes with a 5.5 inch and a 24inch crevice tools, pet hair brush and dusting brush. Also, an extra-large bag-less dirt cup that can hold up to 3 quarts of dirt. Therefore, this is excellent vacuum for households that require a deep and thorough cleaning tool that does not cost an arm and a leg. Keep on reading to find out what the Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 has to offer.

Product Description

The Shark is a popular for buying lightweight and upright vacuum cleaner that can be easily maneuvered around obstacles. It has extra-large and transparent dirt bin that helps in cleaning large areas with very minimal disruptions. The cleaner comes with excellent suction, brush roll shutoff, and good air filtration at a very affordable price. Its suction technology combines with brush roll shutoff to give you gentle floor and deep carpet cleaning. An extra-long wand combines with a 10-feet hose to give you versatile capabilities for above-floor cleaning. It is an ideal pet hair vacuum cleaner for apartments and small homes. The Shark NV42 has 3 mechanical air filters that can be washed and dried for proper maintenance. These filters use complete seal technology to ensure that the air doesn’t leak out before it is filtered.

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The Shark NV42 is a bagless vacuum machine with gold color that uses the cyclonic technology. This technology is sometimes referred to as Never-Lose-Suction. It involves using cyclones to spin the incoming air rapidly. This, in turn, helps in throwing the debris and dust out of the air path into the dust cleaner. This keeps the filters clean by putting away the dust particles.

The unit comes with a 25-foot power cord which is sufficient enough for most home applications. It also has a motorized brush roll. This feature is within the nozzle and it works in a much powerful way than the air-driven brush roll. The brush roll also has the On and Off controls to enable you to handle both bare floors and efficient carpet cleaning. They can be turned on for carpet cleaning and turned off for bare floors. On the carpet, the brush roll helps in achieving deep cleans while on the bare floor it can cause debris to scatter.

The cleaning path width for this cleaner is 9.25 inches which enable easy maneuverability, especially within narrow spaces. The weight of this cleaner is 15.1 pounds which are good enough for most users. This stick vacuum cleaner comes with several filters for both the pre-motor and the post-motor. These filters are washable and have to be cleaned regularly. The pre-motor filters need to be cleaned at least once per month while the post-motor filters have to be cleaned at least once per year. After they have been cleaned, you need to wait until they are 100 percent dry before restoring them back into the cleaner.

Even though these filters may not be of the HEPA standard, but they use complete seal technology to prevent air leakages. Several other features come with this unit that include pet hair power brush, dusting brush, small crevice tool, and a 24-inch crevice tool. For versatile bagless cleaning options, the tools are attached to the wand end or the end of an 11-foot hose.

This unit doesn’t come with a swivel steering but is still quite easy to maneuver. In normal cleaning situations, there are corners, furniture, and edges that need to be cleaned. The carpets, for instance, tend to lift off the floor and this can make it difficult to maneuver. A 1200-watt, 10-amp motor powers the cleaner and the suction for this unit is strong enough to clear all the pet hair off your upholstery and carpet.


Most people love this cleaner because of its impressive performance on carpets and bare floors. This is made possible by the 10 amps power that is produced by the 1200-watt motor. Its large capacity dirt cup is able to hold dirt of up to 3 quarts. This is a great vacuum cleaning tool for relatively low price. The NV42 cleaner picks a wide range of dirt including dust and dander. It also picks up larger debris such as cereal using the combined effort of the motorized brush and suction. It is quite safe to use on bare floor because of its brush roll on and off feature.
Most users enjoy using this unit to clean carpets because of its cleaning capabilities. One of its great tools is the pet hair brush that cleaning fabric upholstery. The length of the hose makes it possible to use this cleaner inside your car. The crevice tool specifically makes it possible to clean floors, car upholstery, and other crannies. Despite having a very strong motor, the operation of this unit is relatively quiet. The transparent nature of the dirt bin makes it possible to monitor the content as they fill up. For ease of use, the dirt should be emptied after each use to ensure the unit doesn’t lose suction.

Product Strengths

The Shark vacuum machine is a great product for handling medium sized cleaning tasks. The unit is not too loud, and it comes with strong suction for cleaning the surfaces. It performs pretty well when it comes to handling pet hair. There is the brush roll control feature that makes it easy to switch between carpets and bare ground with a push of a button. The use of washable filters is something that makes this unit quite reliable. In fact, these filters can be conveniently replaced without going through difficult installation processes. This unit is generally easier to maneuver and comes with a very respectable warranty cover for its users.

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Product Shortcomings

One of the pros and cons of using Shark Navigator NV42 is that you can easily tip over the vacuum if you pull it hard enough. The good thing is that there is a longer hose length for compensating for this. Its 15 pounds is relatively bulky to some users especially if they have to use it to clean a flight of stairs. It lacks the lift-away feature which usually helps in reducing the cumbersomeness associated with carrying around a heavy machine. It also lacks the swivel steering which affects maneuverability to a certain extent. There is also not clear information concerning the adjustability of the suction power.


The manufacturer guarantees a five-year period of using this Shark Navigator for vacuum cleaning without any defects in workmanship and material. This period runs from the date of purchase and stands as long as the product is utilized for typical household use. The warranty is subject to certain conditions, exceptions, and exclusions that have been spelled out in the manual. Any failure in the product within the warranty period should be addressed to the manufacturer for further action.


Overall, this Shark Navigator NV42 upright machine is ideal for those who need a deep-cleaning vacuum in medium to large homes. Thanks to the big dirt cup, you will be able to clean several rooms efficiently without the need to empty the dirt-container. Moreover, included in the package is a 12ft long hose and other accessories for upholstery cleaning. Therefore, since this unit is not only for carpets but also upholstery cleaning, this unit is perfect for pet hair. The Shark Navigator is not the most portable or maneuverable vacuum on the market for stairs, but it makes it up with its performance and features.