Shark NV755 Rotator Powered Lift-Away XL Capacity Review

The Shark Rotator is basically a 3 in 1 vacuum which means above-floor vacuum, upright vacuum, and a canister vacuum. As an upright unit, this vacuum is excellent on hardwood floors and carpets as well as reaching under the sofa and bed. Moreover, as an “above the floor” unit, you will see great results when used on stairs, thanks to its remarkable amount of flexibility. Additionally, packed with awesome features, this Shark Rotator is extremely easy to use, efficient and comes with a price that is hard to beat. The great thing about the Rotator is that it works efficiently on even the dirtiest/hairiest surface with just one to two passes. Therefore, have a closer look at the Shark and see for yourself if this unit matches your vacuum needs.

Product Description

It is most reliable unit among Shark vacuum machine for pet hair and is a powered Lift-Away vacuum cleaner of XL capacity that provides uninterrupted cleaning to floors and ceilings. It has a large capacity dust cup that enables you to easily clean floors, furniture, and other places within the house. It has a mini-motorized brush that places a lot of power in the palm of your hand. This brush is able to pick loose debris and pet hair to achieve deep cleans on any surface. It can perfectly clean above-floor surfaces to remove bothersome things like cobwebs. Its floor nozzle has led lights which illuminates the working area and allows for easy identification of hidden debris. This pet hair vacuum cleaner has a fingertip control that enables seamless transition between carpet and hard-floor cleaning.

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This stick vacuum cleaner comes with many features that offer unique cleaning solutions. One of these features is the 3-in-1 design which allows this cleaner to be easily transformed into a portable canister. There is a powered floor nozzle that enables you to meet various cleaning needs including floors, ceilings, tight spaces, and underneath furniture. The canister caddy that comes with this cleaner helps in storing various cleaning attachments. There is the lift away capability feature that enables this cleaner stand out among its competitors. This feature lets you carry the canister and set it on its caddy to reach upper corners while retaining the wand attachment to the powered vacuum head. With this feature, therefore, you can detach the canister but still retain the upright full power and the motorized brush roll.

You can also separate the vacuum motor and the reservoir and use the pod unit to clean difficult areas like stairs and corners. The pod can be placed on the caddy and still function as a canister vacuum. The vacuum front has bright LED headlights for seeing in dark corners. This feature enables you to navigate under furniture and remove hidden dirt. These lights help to keep things illuminated during cleaning even when you are using the attachments. The Shark Rotator NV755 is an upright vacuum cleaner with an intuitive advanced swivel steering and a powerful suction to enable superior maneuverability around furniture and other tight spaces. The suction power of 270AW gives machine the efficiency and the capability to take up dust and making it suitable vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning.

The advanced steering technology gives it excellent control over obstacles that may hinder your maneuverability. The cleaner is lightweight and has simple controls for easier carpet and rugs cleaning. There are fingertip controls on the handle that enable you to switch between floor and carpet cleaning. Also included is a Complete Seal Anti-Allergen Technology that traps 99.99 percent of the dust and allergens using a HEPA filter. The filter has been designed using a technology that is sensitive to allergic users. With this filter, you can trap dust and allergic substances such as mite feces. This cleaner can lift all the pet hairs from carpets, couch, curtains, and other delicate fabrics. The other features that come with this cleaner include a dust crevice, canister caddy, mini motorized brush, LED Dust-Away with included pad, dusting brush, pet upholstery tool, and an accessory bag.


The Shark vacuum cleaner is powered by a motorized brush making it much better than those units that are only powered by suction. The good thing with this brush is that you can deactivate the switch to protect the bare floor finishes from effects of scattering. The TruePet feature that comes with this unit is quite beneficial when it comes to the lifting of loose debris, deep cleaning, and removal of pet hair. Some of its features offer the best cleaning experience you can get on a bare floor. The inclusion of microfiber pad helps in picking finer debris to ensure a dust-free and magnificent cleaning process.

For long-lasting quality results, the HEPA filter should be cleaned at least once every year. There is a product manual that guides you on how to clean and wash these filters among other maintenance procedures. The swivel steering plays a critical role in the maneuverability of this unit. With this cleaner, you can clean areas where other vacuum cleaners can’t reach without straining your hands. Its ability to clean the low clearance obstacles helps you to achieve a thorough finish while protecting your hands at the same time. A large dust cup that comes with it makes it possible to clean larger areas continuously.

Product Strengths

The NV755 distinguishes itself because of its large dirt tank. This tank is easy to clean and it minimizes interruptions during pet hair cleaning. You don’t have to keep rushing to the nearest trash can to empty your cleaner. It has a nice ergonomic design that allows you to cover much ground in a shorter time. The handle has also been designed in a way that encourages you to continue vacuuming. This makes it ideal to tackle both domestic and professional jobs. This cleaner comes with a powered brush head and a lift-away feature which makes it very useful. The lift-away feature helps you switch among the unit’s many functions. This unit performs way better than most other units in its price range.

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Product Shortcomings

Since there is no product that is 100 percent perfect, we have looked at some of the shortcomings that come with this unit. To start with, some of the strings and fibers tend to stick inside the rotating brush bristles. As a maintenance measure, therefore, you have to remove these materials manually. This unit is not for those who are looking for a above average budget vacuum cleaner and have in mind that it is slightly bulkier and occupies more space than similarly priced shark rotator vacuum within $300. The cleaner and the canister weigh about 16.4 pounds and this may be quite heavy for some users. Additionally, this machine may not clean huge dust particles in one go. Therefore, it is important to vacuum again over spots that include sticky dirt and large chunks of dust.


The manufacturer of this bagless vacuum cleaner guarantees you a seven-year period free of workmanship and material defects. This is a sign of confidence the manufacturer has in its quality and performance. The liability of the manufacturer is limited to cost of repair and replacement. This liability doesn’t extend to normal wears, shipping damages, defects or even units that may have been tampered with. It also applies to the original purchaser of the product.


Overall, this Shark rotator powered vacuum allows you to maneuver around the house way better than any other model on the market. Therefore, here is the primary solution for making vacuuming not only easy but also faster than ever before. With this efficient upright unit, you will be able to enjoy powerful suction and highly advanced but user-friendly swivel steering when you maneuver around tight corners and furniture. Using the Lift-Away mode, you will enjoy an ultra lightweight above-the-floor cleaning in a way that no other vacuum can reach. To cap it all, Shark offers one of the longest warranty period in the business, a whopping 7 years. Having said that, the warranty says a lot about the quality of the product,and if Shark is ready to guarantee a hassle-free use for seven years, then you know you are buying a product of finest-quality.