Pet Hair Guide

If you are looking for information about everything that relates to pet grooming, caring and pet hygene then you have landed on the right website. It does not matter if you are seasoned pet parent or making your first step in the wonderful world of owning a pet, you will find what you need here. I did my very best to ensure that all the information posted here is extremely well-researched, reliable and most of all helpful.

If you own pets, you know how important it is to take good care of your furry friend, but in order to do so, you need the right vacuum  cleaning tools for pets to get the most out of it. There is so much information about pet products online that it is easy to get lost. Therefore, with my carefully analyzed reviews and pet parent experience, I will help you to select the best equipment that fits your pet´s need. Have a look around and see if you can find anything that matches your demands and requirements.

Pet Hair Vacuums

Once our furry friends start shedding hair all over the place, it can become a daunting task to get rid of all the pet hair around the house. However, there is a solution for this problem,and that is to invest in a vacuums that are exclusively designed to clean pet hair. You can even go the extra mile if you have wooden or tiled floor and get a steam mop as well to sanitise the floor after using the vacuum. Have in mind that it is not advisable to use normal vacuums to clean pet hair simply because the suction is not sufficient enough to pick up pet hair. There are many types to choose from on the market,and it is crucial that you carefully analyse every feature and benefit, so you can ensure that you end up with a product that matches both your preferences and needs.

Your options include canister vacuums, upright vacuums, stick vacuums, hand-held vacuums and robotic vacuums. Additionally, there are even bagless and cordless units on the market. Moreover, you can choose a model from many reputable manufacturers such as Miele, Hoover, Shark, Dyson and Bissel pet hair eraser. All these brands are striving to stay ahead of the competence,and they are constantly delivering top-quality pet hair vacuums to the market. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will find your perfect unit if you do your research.  Additionally, if you are suffering from allergy, but you don’t own a pet, then you should consider investing in a pet vacuum because these units usually include HEPA filters that are built to reduce the number of allergens in the air.

It does not take huge machinery to clean up the hair after our fluffy pets,but it takes time to find the pet hair vacuum cleaner under budget and that gets the job done. On my website, you will find detailed reviews of the best units on the market today. All the products are of finest quality and designed by reputable manufacturers to meet all the requirements of a demanding pet owner.

For example, the Eureka NEU562A bagless unit is very powerful with strong suction but extremely quiet. The Bissell 33A1 handheld machine is a portable vacuum that comes with adjustable nozzles for effective suction and is ideal for chairs, stairs and other hard-to-reach areas. Then we have the Eureka AS3352A that is designed to deep clean your home, thanks to its innovative power-suction technology. If you are looking for an automatic cleaning solution for your home that effectively cleans your home while focus on your daily routines, then you should check out the Coredy robotic vacuum cleaner. The BISSELL PowerFresh 19404 is a vacuum that combines a steam-mop and pet hair cleaner in one device. This is the perfect match for those who want to clean-up pet hair from tiles or wooden floor and leave the surface completely sanitized after cleaning.

Then we have the mighty Shark NV755 Rotator that works as three different vacuums packed into one complete kit. You can use it as an above-floor vacuum, upright vacuum or a canister vacuum to satisfy all your cleaning needs.  The Hoover UH30310 wind tunnel features a so-called Wind-Tunnel technology that works extremely well for deep-cleaning. Moreover, it comes with five different height adjustment settings, so this unit works for all floor types. The bulky Shark Navigator NV42 is one of the powerful pet hair vacuums on the market today with a whopping 1200w motor that ensures No-Loss suction while cleaning. If you are looking for a vacuum that combines style and performance, you should read more about the fancy Dyson V6 that features a powerful 110,000 rpm motor that generates outstanding suction power. You should also check out the Bissell Pet 1650A upright bagless cleaner if you want a high-quality pet hair vacuum. This fabulous unit features the brilliant Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System that adds pressurized spooling to the cleaning process for more effective results.

Pet Furniture

Pet FurnitureFor us pet lovers out there, we all know that it comes with a catch to live with our furry friends. Accidents to your furniture are prone to happen since pets, especially dogs, tend to be very active. Therefore, if you want to avoid accidents and damages to your home, you should consider getting pet friendly couch satisfying pet’s needs.  For example, if you want your pet out of the sofa or chair, you should invest in a couch that is specifically designed for them. That way, your pet will have his/her own comfortable place to relax.

In order to keep your furniture safe, hygiene is a crucial factor to consider,and it is our responsibility to keep our pets clean and healthy. To do so, we need a place and equipment to groom our pets. Therefore, a grooming table is a fantastic solution. Once we have a place and equipment to do the grooming task, the process will be much easier,and it will be easier to bond with your pet. Just make sure that you invest in a table that you can adjust the height of the platform and make sure it comes with an adjustable and grooming loop. Moreover, it should be a safe place for your pet and easy to clean the table after use. Additionally, sturdy and lightweight table with a basket or storage beneath the table would be an ideal option as well.

Pet Grooming

Every pet lover knows that part of the daily routine is to take care of the pet. However, it can be tiring to clean up after them,but there are solutions out there that are designed to make the cleaning process easier. If you have a large family of pets, then you are most likely dealing with a lot of pet hair on the floor, around your furniture and on your clothes.  I have been a pet owner for many years, and I know what it takes to keep my house pet hair free. I have basically tried everything on the market,and one of the crucial pet removal tools you need is a pet hair roller. It goes without saying that a pet hair roller is not going to clean-up all the hair in your home,but it is an excellent solution to get rid of pet hair from your car seat or clothes.

Another fantastic pet hair removal tool is a pet carpet cleaner, and it is extremely handy when pet hair vacuum cannot properly clean up the mess after your pet. This is also crucial tool if your pet is in the toilet-training stage. A part of the pet hair removal process is to maintain your dog clean and hygiene. Therefore, a dog hair dryer is a fantastic option to get rid of lose and stinky hair as well as drying your pet after a fresh bath. Additionally, grooming your pet using a pet hair clipper is an important routine that every pet owner must perform regularly. It is another way of getting rid of old hair and maintaining the health of your pet because regular grooming will minimize flea plagues and the fur will become much healthier.


If you are serious about cleaning pet hair and taking good care of it, then you need to go the extra mile and equip yourself with the best pet tools available on the market. Pets are different, come in different sizes and with different needs. However, there is plenty of options available for all pets. After browsing through the reviews on my website, you will know exactly what pet hairdryer products and hair clipper are suitable. Moreover, if you need to get rid of hair around your house when your dog is shedding hair all over the place, there are many detailed pet vacuum hair reviews available here to suit different needs.

Additionally, getting rid of pet hair from clothes or your car has never been easier, just browse through the pet hair related guide, removals section and then you are all set. If you do not own a grooming table, then I urge you to at least read the reviews because such as table will make grooming extremely easy. In other words, whatever you are looking for to care for your pet, you will find it here, and I’m determined to constantly update the information and products to ensure that you will always be on top of everything.